The Biker’s Virgin by Sam Crescent

The Biker’s Virgin by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Colonel isn’t expecting to fall for any woman, but with one pitstop in a small town, that’s exactly what he does. She’s being attacked by a man, so he takes matters into his own hands and he protects her.

Piper Dawes is used to men thinking she’s easy prey and she doesn’t expect the angry-looking biker to make her feel safe. He’s not staying for long, and she has no intention of falling for him.

However, he’s not leaving until he’s had her, this untouched virgin. Only, one taste is never enough.
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Colonel is a nomad, and his club has no home—just the open road. He’s found the woman for him, but can Piper leave her family and predictable life behind? Will she follow him? Or is this a fling that will leave them both burned?

Piper hates how her mother and sister allow the men in their small town to use them as if they were disposable. That’s not the life Piper wants and she hopes she can keep everything together long enough to get out of town. When she’s rescued from a horrid situation by Colonel she’s grateful, but understandably cautious. Can Colonel convince her that they belong together?

This is a hot and sexy quick read. I enjoyed Piper’s character – wanting more than just to be painted in the same brush as her family but unsure how to break out of the mould when she was stuck in such a small town with narrow minds. I was really impressed that Colonel didn’t feel the need to intimidate or coerce Piper in any way.

I’m often not a fan of MC stories because I feel they flirt just a little too close to the darker side of erotic stories but this one really appealed to me. Colonel respected Piper and was intrigued by her – wanted to get to know her and while he didn’t appear to want anything lasting for quite some time into the story, he also didn’t simply want to have sex and then ditch her. I really feel the author did a good job balancing the harder edges of a realistic MC romance with the softer and more respectful aspects of an erotic story.

I also really enjoyed Piper’s perspective – yearning for more than her small town and gossiping neighbors could give her, but still showing loyalty and caring to her mother and sister. In many ways this book ticked a lot of good boxes for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the story simply for what it was – the story of two independent people attracted to each other and slowly learning how to forge a relationship between them when things were complicated. I felt the ending was a little bit rushed but aside from that this was a wonderful short story with a good balance between Piper and Colonel getting to know each other and circle one another and them consummating their relationship.

Equal parts sexy and emotional this is a good, quick read. Recommended.

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