The Beta’s Spitfire by Gale Stanley

The Beta’s Spitfire by Gale Stanley
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (63 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Samson: Levi and I have always been best friends. Now he’s the pack Alpha and I’m his beta, a.k.a. the man who cleans up after his shit storms. This one is a doozy. He dumped his intended bride, and now it’s my job to take care of her while he goes off to find his soulmate. Delilah is beautiful, a real spitfire, and completely off limits. But she ignites a fire that makes my wolf sit up and howl.
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Delilah: I was meant to be the mate of an Alpha, so l accepted an arranged marriage with Levi. But the arrogant jerk dumped me right before the wedding. I’m no damsel in distress, so I took off for New York to live a life of independence. Along the way, I was kidnapped and my situation became desperate. When Samson came to my rescue, I never expected him to claim me for himself.

Delilah might be the Alpha’s daughter, but she had her own opinions, her own plans and she was nothing close to a submissive, stay at home and follow orders woman. When the arranged marriage her father organized fell through, Delilah wasn’t heartbroken and she had no plans to return to her family home. She was determined to live life on her own terms and that included a career and her independence. Samson might be the Beta to Delilah’s ex-fiance, but the attraction he feels for her is strong and when his instincts say she’s in trouble nothing can stop Samson from trying to help, no matter the cost.

I found this to be an interesting short story. I thought the plot was very well written – although a few of the medical aspects to the story when Delilah was kidnapped didn’t appeal to me, personally. While not graphic or overly intense, I usually tend to stay away from those sorts of stories as they don’t appeal to me. I thought the pace of the plot moved really well – fast enough to keep me turning the pages but with enough detail and layers to remain consuming and keeping my attention. I feel this aspect of the story should appeal to most readers. I thought the romance between Delilah and Samson took a bit of a back seat to the plot. On the one hand it helped me show that Samson’s feelings for Delilah were real and deep, but it took me quite a while to feel Delilah really reciprocated those feelings since she couldn’t see or understand Samson’s connection to her.

Delilah is a complicated character and at times I felt her independence and self-assurance came across as arrogance. I was both pleased and relieved when Delilah stepped back from that slippery slope of being judgmental and cold, but I felt the story lost a lot of the romance when Delilah refused to acknowledge her feelings. Thankfully due to the shortness of the story this didn’t last long – which made it less believable to me but also helped keep the pace of the romance moving along. When Delilah and Samson finally both got onto the same page the sex between them was hot and steamy and I feel a lot of erotica readers will find it satisfying.

With lots of plot and action this is a good story with a strongly paranormal world.

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