Thanksgiving Dinner by Amabel Daniels

Thanksgiving Dinner by Amabel Daniels
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Before a day full of turkey, good spirits, and family and friends at Thanksgiving dinner, Hailey Gabrien gives in to her baby sister’s usual request for company at their small town’s only bar. Go figure, it’s the busiest night of bar hopping for the year. Even though she’s quiet and prefers a private life, Hailey will always be there for her sibling.

Returning home from New York City for the first time in years, Clark Monroe finds his parents beyond happy to see him. When he heads to the only bar around, though, he sees someone who’d prefer him to remain far, far away. A woman who emphasizes her opinion of him by giving him a black eye.

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It isn’t always immediately obvious who might be soulmates.

There was a scene early on that made me chuckle. Let’s just say that Hailey’s behavior when someone sexually harassed her while she was trying to relax and have a good time was as on point for her personality as it was surprising for this genre. I was proud of how she handled that situation and immediately interested in getting to know her better.

I would have liked to see more time spent resolving the conflicts between Hailey and Clark. They definitely had chemistry, but their previous experiences with each other had caused so many bad feelings that I was expecting a longer period of hashing things out. They both had good reasons to dislike and mistrust each other. I needed more evidence that they’d fixed those issues before they moved on to anything else.

One of the most refreshing things about this story was the way it compared life in a small town to life in a big city. The characters all had different preferences about where they’d ideally like to live, but everyone expressed those views in a positive way and without putting down others for wanting to live in a smaller or bigger place. They also were quick to acknowledge the benefits and drawbacks of either choice. This nuanced approach to deciding where to live is something I love seeing and hope will become much more common in the future.

Thanksgiving Dinner should be read by anyone who has ever wondered what their cute high school classmates might be up to these days.

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