Television Review: The Masked Singer

Review of The Masked Singer

Review by Ginger

I am not one who is known for watching reality shows and definitely not those where people get on stage to sing and dance. However, I’ve been hearing and seeing the advertisement for this new reality show The Masked Singer. A cast of unknown celebrities perform in costume to hide their identities. Each week depending on the audience’s vote along with the panel’s opinions one singer is eliminated — then unmasked! It’s hosted by the energetic Nick Cannon and has a panel of artists and performers who make up the judging panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger. It sounded interesting, it’s something different and besides there was really nothing else on television that I wanted to watch that night. I decided to give the premiere show a try.

The first contestant opened with plenty of hype and a bright introduction. The Peacock gave an awesome performance and actually had a great singing voice. His battle was against the Hippo, who was my least favorite. The second round was a battle between the Monster and Unicorn. This pair up I couldn’t pick which I liked best because I liked them both. And the final round was a competitive perform between the Deer and Lion. I was amazed at the choreography of the Vegas style back up dancers and in awe of the beautifully crafted detailed costumes that each contestant wore.

Before each performance was a short video of the celebrity in costume giving clues to who they are. My curiosity was piqued because I didn’t have a clue even with the opening description who could be under the mask.
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Here’s the trailer for the show:

The judging panel consist of a variety of talented opinions and they seem to work well with each other and most importantly they are funny. Nick Cannon’s energetic vibe as host adds additional flavor to the show and he interacts well with the contestants.

I’m a girl that loves suspense and this show certainly is entertaining in that aspect. The only problem I have is waiting a week to see what other masked performer will be added and which masked celebrity will be eliminated and revealed.


  1. Interesting! How often were you able to guess who these singers were before they revealed their identities?

  2. Cool post. I’ve been seeing a lot about this show through advertising as well.

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