Taming Taelyn by Anne Kane

Taming Taelyn by Anne Kane
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Taelyn: Abandoned by her parents and raised in the uncaring foster system, Taelyn finds out she isn’t truly human when fear triggers her first shift. She finds a temporary home with a pack of gray wolves, but she knows she isn’t truly one of them, either. When she feels the pull of the mate-bond, her world changes forever.

Dylan: Dylan is more at home in the woods than the city. Working for the Forestry Services, he sets out to catalog the endangered grizzly bear population in the Interior of British Columbia. What he didn’t expect was to find his bond-mate running wild with a pack of gray wolves.

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Having been raised in the foster system, Taelyn understands humans but as much as possible shuns their world. Having been adopted into a small wolf pack she prefers to mostly remain with them, where the acceptance and structure give her comfort unlike the human world. She unexpectedly meets Dylan though and everything shifts.

I found this to be an interesting short story and while the paranormal aspects of the world were fairly standard I really enjoyed how Taelyn’s story was somewhat different and refreshing. I personally haven’t read too many stories where a shifter main character has effectively been adopted in and accepted by a non-shifter wolf pack. I found this dynamic to be quite interested and especially in this story I found it to be well written.

The sex scenes were intimate and definitely explicit. I feel readers used to erotic stories should find them enjoyable and satisfying. While the sex is prolific and occurs fairly quickly the author made it seem quite understandable give than Taelyn could certainly feel the mate-bond even though she wanted to give herself time before committing her emotions. Sharing her body was a lot easier than trusting or allowing herself to begin to love Dylan.

While the author did alternate the perspectives between Dylan and Taelyn I personally found it a little harder to connect with Dylan, even though we did get to see things from his perspective as well. I just feel his character was possibly a little more cookie-cutter than Taelyn and so while I liked and enjoyed him I struggled to find something solid to really feel a strong connection to him. This niggle eased a lot for me when we were shown Dylan interacting with his Alpha and later his pack but it took me a little longer than I was expecting to really feel a connection and attachment to him.

With a sexy pace and a really interesting plot I enjoyed this steamy paranormal story. A good, quick read.

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