Tainted Son by Emily Carrington

Tainted Son by Emily Carrington
(Wolf Schooled 2)

Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short story (77 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Rimming
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Biting is central to werewolf society, from discipline to lovemaking, but David is unable to tolerate this most important cultural sharing. When he falls for a wolf who longs to bite him, he must overcome his past or spend the rest of his life alone.
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Liam is a werewolf with the ability to change his human guise. He’s always been able to fool others… until he meets David, who not only sees who he really is but how he truly feels. But Liam has a deep craving, something he continually confuses with rage, and this just might drive David away.

David had always known he was different, half Fae, half Werewolf he had never been accepted into the pack and had lost his father at a young age to the distrust and hatred amongst the other wolves. Liam’s special power comes from being able to change his image. While he knows he’s expected to follow certain paths, what he really wants to do is help people and becoming a medic would satisfy that need in him. When David and a bunch of other young werewolves are attacked by vampires Liam is part of the medical team helping them and their attraction is instantaneous.

I found this to be an interesting and somewhat intensely plotted short story. While the vampire-swam attacks isn’t graphically described and is only vaguely mentioned at the beginning of the story, it does include a mention that some of the younger women were being raped and I feel even this vague reference might put off some readers. I also found that the brief summary of David’s history felt a little bit like an info-dump – a lot of history and description in a very short space that I had to catch up on in a rush. After this initial part though, I felt the story eased back into a far more suitable pace and particularly when Liam’s character was introduced I felt the story settled down to be a good and interesting read.

There was quite a bit to this paranormal world that I struggled to catch up on, with vampires, Fey and shape-changers and werewolves and a whole host of various paranormal entities swirling around it wasn’t easy for me to fully grasp how this world worked and interacted with each other. I really enjoyed the chemistry and connection between David and Liam. I was pleased they started out slowly together – particularly since David had been hurt and wasn’t in a very good place emotionally – and Liam was struggling with some pretty serious life decisions.

Watching them interact and open up to each other was lovely. The slower pace of the physical side to their romance also added a bit of realism to the relationship and I felt this was far healthier – for both men – than trying to just push through and become intimate. I thought this was a good indication both of how serious Liam and David were about each other, but also it showed that there was a real, long-term potential to the relationship they were building together. When they consummated their relationship I though the sex was hot and intense and graphic enough that erotica readers should find it explicit enough to suit their tastes.

Intense in places and wonderfully romantic in others, this was a solid short story and a good, quick read.

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