Steel by Harley Wylde

Steel by Harley Wylde
Devil’s Fury MC Book 5
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Rachel — Getting pregnant in high school hasn’t exactly made my life easy, especially since my daughter’s father wants nothing to do with us and his parents hate us. Starting over in a new town sounded easy enough, but finding work and a place to stay isn’t so simple in Blackwood Falls. I never counted on a knight in shining armor coming to my rescue, or that he’d be riding a Harley. There’s something about the sexy silver fox that makes me feel safe. Steel might be some big, tough biker, but anyone who rescues a pug and names her Victoria can’t be all bad, right? I only hope I’m not falling for the wrong guy yet again. My heart can’t handle it, and neither can my daughter’s.
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Steel — I may have seen a lot in my time, and done things that would give most people nightmares, but I’m admittedly a softie when it comes to kids and animals. Little Coral might have enchanted me at first, but her mom is the one I can’t get off my mind. I can tell she’s running from something, and I’ll find out what one way or another. She thinks she’s all alone, but she’s wrong. She has me — because I always go after what I want and I’m going to make her mine. Doesn’t matter I’m more than two decades older than her. I pity anyone who stands in my way or dares to harm any of my girls — I won’t hesitate to put the bastards six feet under.

This is an age-gap romance and one of the things that I love these series is that these tough bikers, who could do so much violence, are taking women who are in need of help. In the process of that, falling in love with them. I am in no way saying that these women are damsels in distress. A lot of these women are strong, independent and in this case, doing everything she could do give the best to her kid. Rachel is giving her everything to her kid at the expense of her health sometimes. I love how caring and understanding he is to her.

I had initially thought that they would not be good for each other, in the sense that the romance would barely be there. but the chemistry was there. You should not be disappointed. What surprised me was definitely the cover. It was not the normal silver fox/older guy covers that I have seen so far. Steel has been someone who takes in strays. Takes care of them. Tries to give them everything they need to be the best of themselves. I have been wondering for some time the women he would fall for. Rachel is running away from someone and trying to protect her son. She did need some help and Steel was it. But she got her HEA with it as well.

Mind you, there is violence as mentioned in the blurb.

This was a book I read in one sitting. As long as you do not mind the age-gap, it will be a great erotic read for the readers. You get a protector, some sizzling romance, a kid, a doggy…and bikers!!

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