Soft Heart by Megan Slayer

Soft Heart by Megan Slayer
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Dicentra

Can two broken souls be repaired with a lot of love and a little power from the gods?

Leto, the goddess of motherhood and womanly demure, wants to be anything but bashful. Working in Las Vegas in the music business has proven she can’t be coy if she has desires, but the man she loves isn’t available. What’s a goddess to do? Help break a curse, that’s what.

Tommy has loved Leto since the day they met, but he never thought she’d want to be with him. He’s also got a girlfriend. When his girlfriend leaves him for his brother and curses him, it’s up to Leto and Tommy to admit their deepest desires—they want to be together.

There’s just the matter of breaking that pesky curse…

Megan Slayer’s Soft Heart sizzles with chemistry and passion. A cross between a second chance romance and a fated mates story, there’s always something that has been in the way of Tommy and Leto being together and finding true happiness. The stars have finally aligned though, and one last obstacle remains. It’s more than just a pesky curse though…

As a fan of Greek mythology, I appreciated the focus on Leto (who is an underappreciated figure in my opinion). I liked how Ms. Slayer incorporated her children (the archer twins Apollo and Artemis), and the dynamic between Leto, Zeus, and Hera (like many things in Greek mythology, it is super complicated and dramatic). Zeus was still a jerk in this book, which is very on-brand for him (I don’t think a book where he’s a redeemable figure would read as realistic). Leto deserves a happily ever after ending, and I’m so happy that Ms. Slayer gave her one.

The chemistry between Tommy and Leto is off the charts. They never actually thought they could be together, but when Tommy’s girlfriend leaves him there’s suddenly a chance. Their relationship goes from zero to sixty very quickly, but I didn’t have any issues with that. Ms. Slayer establishes that they’ve known each other for a while and that the “celestial mates” aspect plays a role. Large amounts of on-page relationship establishment weren’t necessary for a story of this length.

Overall, a very enjoyable and quick paranormal erotic romance read (with some elements of fantasy thrown in). Readers who enjoy the genre(s) and think they might like a story influenced by Greek mythology should pick up Soft Heart. I enjoyed the book and will happily read other books by Ms. Slayer in the future.

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