Soft Alabaster by Megan Slayer

Soft Alabaster by Megan Slayer
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short story (57 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 stars
Review by: Fern

One man out of time and another desperate to share his life with that perfect someone. Can their answers come from a broken curse?

Owen Reed loves his secondhand store, but he’d rather run it with a partner. He’s tired of being lonely and having one-night stands. He wants a love to last forever. When he ends up with a statue of a man in pain, he has no idea how special this statue could be. Is love possible with the pained figure?

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One kiss will determine their fate.

Owen loves his thrift store “Odds and Ends” and is baffled when a stranger literally leaves him with an alabaster statue and runs off. While he finds the whole situation bizarre, Owen can’t help but be drawn to the statue. Sydney yearns to be set free from the curse that has him frozen, trapped in the marble. Can Owen be the special person who can release him?

I enjoyed this quick short story. I was pleased the author spent a fair bit of time in the beginning to show us what Owen and Sydney’s characters were like and explain the situation each man was in. With the short length of the story and the quickness of their romance I feel that knowing and understanding each man first, helped make the speed of their attraction seem more genuine and relatable for knowing where they were each coming from.

It took me a little time to get into the paranormal aspect of the story. While fairly straight forward I was impressed that the author managed to cram a lot of back-history into just a few brief pages. Sydney being trapped as the statue had quite a story to it and while a part of me felt it would have been better had this section of the background been properly fleshed out and written in full, the short length of the story could have made that pretty difficult for the author. While I didn’t find it ideal for my own personal tastes, I still feel the author did a good job balancing a detailed enough history for the reader to understand the full complexity of what was going on.

I enjoyed the blossoming of the attraction between Sydney and Owen. While a few of the plot devices felt a little clunky to me – in particular, Zeus coming in to Owen’s store and just happening to insist Owen not do one particular thing – overall I enjoyed the flow of the story The real joy for me was Owen and Sydney’s characters. They both felt realistic and layered. Sydney in particular had a complicated and refreshingly different history and set of circumstances that I enjoyed learning about. Owen was a lovely albeit normal young man who I instantly felt an affinity for. Watching these two men learn about each other and fall in love was delightful.

Very different and just a little sexy, this was a good short story and one I enjoyed.

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