Snowball’s Christmas by Kristen McKanagh

Snowball’s Christmas by Kristen McKanagh
Publisher: Kensington Books
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Holiday
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Snowball—an aptly named bundle of feline fluff—is thankful to be spending her first Christmas in the comfort of Weber Haus, the Victorian B&B run by Miss Tilly. Emily Diemer, who cooks for the guests, dotes on Snowball, but she’s not thrilled about another new arrival at the B&B: Miss Tilly’s nephew, Lukas. Which is odd, because Snowball’s animal instincts tell her that Lukas and Emily should definitely be friends.

Everything Emily needs is in this quaint community—including, she hopes, the chance to open her own bakery one day. She doesn’t think much of Lukas for leaving his aging aunt to struggle while he jets around the world taking photographs. But now that he’s here, helping to spruce up the property and getting mixed up in Snowball’s antics, she begins to soften a little. Until she learns what he has planned . . .

Lukas is going to sell Weber Haus so that Miss Tilly can retire. But Snowball is certain that this B&B, and these people, are supposed to be her forever home. Somehow she has to get these stubborn humans to see things through the wisdom of a cat’s eye and a kitten’s loyal, loving heart . . .

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I’ll start right out with this book seems like it’s tailor-made for being made into a TV movie. It’s got an adorable kitten, an auntie that needs help, plus two people who need each other even if they don’t realize it. It’s truly cute. The writing flows well and I was drawn right into the story. I wanted to root for the characters and loved little Snowball. Lukas is dreamy and he could come to my house to do some home improvement if he’s available.

The one quibble I had with this book was Emily. I like forthright characters. I like the ones who know what they want and won’t quit until they get it. I like characters with ridiculously tremendous drive. Emily is all these things and more, but the one thing she is that drove me bonkers has to be her drive to the point of being off-putting. Some readers might just see her as strong, but it’s almost like she’s got a savior complex. If she’s not saving it, then it won’t be saved. That’s nice, but it got to be too much at times. I wanted to see her warm to Lukas and understand he had a stake in the property, too, but maybe a little faster. While this wasn’t my favorite part of the story, it might be perfectly fine for other readers and that’s great.

Lukas is a flawed character. He’s got his plate full and has a life he wants to live, but I liked that he quickly adapts to what’s thrown his way. He’s handsome and willing to help, even if he’s too busy trying not to get in Emily’s way.

The whole thing truly seems like it was written to be made into a TV movie. The writing was such that I could see the little B&B house, that I could see the characters and feel like I was there. I could almost smell the baked goods Emily made. The Christmas feel is all around in this story, too.

If you want a book that’s cute and sweet, then this might be the holiday read you’re looking for. Try it!

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