Sleeping Nova by ML Uberti 

Sleeping Nova by ML Uberti 
Galactic Breeding Program 1
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Erotic Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Review by Dryas

Sold. When her father contracts her to the Galactic Breeding Program, Briar Perrault is forced to go to a planet in another galaxy to be mated with an alien she has never met, one who clearly is not excited about the prospect of a Human bride.

Axic Seven has spent his life serving his world’s military, accomplished and proud, and believes Humans are a necessary evil — perfect for procreation but otherwise weak and inane.

When Briar challenges those beliefs, Axic finds himself fascinated with her strength and humor. But will it be too late to win her heart by the time he realizes she is meant to be his happily ever after?

This is rather an interesting plot where women from Earth under the age of twenty-one have no rights and are controlled by the male figures in their life. Earth has a breeding program with many different planets as human women can conceive and birth children from many different species. They are considered more of a burden and obligation.
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Briar and her sister Aurora were signed over to the breeding program by their father so he could pay for the medical bills for his wife who is dying from cancer. He also feels like they are more of a burden, being girls and not able to help with the farm chores. Selling a daughter to the program is very lucrative.

Neither woman has a say on where she is sent or whom she is supposed to marry. Both girls end up going to two different planets that seem to be the complete opposite of each other. Briar ends up on the world of Kyderari, where the men are built for war with implanted weapons, fast healing, long lifespans, and super speed. Their society is built around war and the more honors and wars they fight in gives them more honor and a chance for a wife. Unfortunately, there are not many women and their species are threatening to become extinct.

I Enjoyed the character of Briar. She is a sweet woman who has times of bravery and when she gives you her heart, she loves with everything she has. Everyone she meets, she ends up charming with her innocence and the ability to overlook anyone’s faults. She does not think of herself, which is one of her faults. I can’t blame her though as when she was growing up, she received mixed messages. Poor Briar feels like she is barely worth anything and so goes with the flow.

Axic has no desire to have a wife. He considers the humans to be a weak species and he lives for war. He has no idea what he should do with her while he is on missions. I do like one thing about their culture, woman rule their men who consider them a treasure and there is no cheating with another woman, it is also not allowed for another man to touch their wives. Axic becomes possessive about Briar, almost against his will. At first, he is cruel to her without realizing it, having accidently bruised her while taking her to his apartment. You want to smack him so many times during this story as he makes mistake after mistake, causing the scars that have been placed inside Briar since birth to become deeper.

Their romantic side of their relationship has a little joke going through it. She teaches him the euphuisms of baseball, like first base being kissing, second base being heavy petting etc. There is also when she tells him about the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty where she gets her name, he cruelly tells her there is no such thing as Fairy Tales.

I do wish that Briar had been stronger and not quite so willing to let everyone rule her. She doesn’t confront Axic when he makes her cry or doesn’t understand what is going through his mind. Axic is a character who is hard to like at first and it does take a while for the reader to warm up to him. There are many times that I want to hit him over the head with a rolling pin. Maybe that would have made him understand that humans may be weaker than his species, but they have much more than to offer than that.

I loved when they did finally get together sexually. It’s incredibly hot and you can tell how much they wanted each other. The frustration was nearly visible. Axic’s species has a different way of impregnating their women, they can make them go into estrus. So, in the end, they did have their happily ever after.

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