Slave Dance by Samantha Cayto

Slave Dance by Samantha Cayto
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full length (192 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Mistletoe

What lurks in the dark is not always a monster. Sometimes it’s your deepest desire.

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All turning eighteen means to Jase is that now the man who he is forced to call Master can abuse him publicly. A victim of sex trafficking, Jase only knows one way of life-brutal submission to whichever man claims him. When his Master joins Club Lux, it’s more of the same until he finds himself in the hands of its strange chef.

Circumstances force Emil into a new and frightening role and Jase into the arms of a scary and unfathomable Master. Emil is worse than any man—or so Jase thinks, when Emil’s alien nature comes out. Jase wants to be a good slave and Emil frets about saving Jase from himself. While they try to find their way, a vicious crew member begins to terrorize Boston. Now Emil fights on two fronts—the scariest being that he will fail Jase.

Ever since their ship crashed to Earth, Emil has kept himself busy with taking care of the other men by cooking. He does not want to be a soldier in a war that should not be. Yet when he is needed, he will always step up and keep the humans safe. Emil tries to keep to himself, but a young and troubled man has caught his eye and he is bound and determined to help the man. Can Emil find a way to help save not only Jase but the human world as well?

I am enjoying watching the men in this series each find their other halves. The author has created an interesting idea about how the myth of vampires came about. This latest story involves Emil finding love. He is a quiet man who has mostly given up his original duties to become a chef, something that helps relieve his stress and it makes him feel good to care for the others. He is a sweet man who quickly endeared himself to this reader and seeing the way he treats Jase is a beautiful thing. Jase has been through so much and survived. He is strong and soon finds just what he needs with Emil.

Love is not an easy thing to find and the two learn that it is something worth fighting for. Seeing the two find their way made for a wonderful read. Their story is full of emotions and much of it will pull on your heart strings. The characters are well rounded and the camaraderie between all of the men is a nice thing to see. The men have always fought for what is right and continue to do so. Jase and Emil’s story pulled me in right from the start and I am eager to see what will happen next in this world.

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