Siren’s Call by Katherine McIntyre

Siren’s Call by Katherine McIntyre
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (31 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

First, Liz loses her job. Then she spots a flyer for a punk show covered in fae glamour. The entire reason she moved to the humdrum ‘burbs was to avoid the supernatural crap she’s been seeing since she was a kid.

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When Liz lets it slip that she’s no average human, the siren takes a keen interest in her. Even without his otherworldly abilities, those skillful bass-playing fingers and the promise in his wicked smile might just be the thing to turn Liz’s rotten day around.

Glamour from all the supernatural beings has never worked on Liz. Immune, she’d learnt early on to keep her mouth shut about all the bizarre things wandering around. Frustrated and angry at having lost her job due to not allowing a man into her bed, Liz decides to blow off some steam at a random punk concert that was trying to use glamour to get human’s in attendance. Only Liz discovers the concert delivered far more than she’d bargained for.

This is a fun and sexy short story. I found Liz’s voice to be modern and relatable and I enjoyed this quick snapshot into her world, being able to witness the paranormal activity and realities of the true world hidden to most people, but without any glamour or magic being able to affect her. I was pleased that Liz managed to get herself – and her friend – out of the concert. Even though the seductive spells didn’t work on her, I realise it could have been quite easy for Liz to go along with the flow, since everyone else was getting it on.

I feel the intimacy of the Siren coming after Liz after the concert – and away from the spell and magic – really helped me appreciate their sex a lot more. I had to laugh at the ending though – I hadn’t expected it at all and thoroughly appreciated the slightly off-centre solution to Liz’s problems. With a fun, Happy For Now ending I feel this could be a great prequel or teaser before a full length novel – one I’d happily read.

Fun and fast-paced with a good dash of magic and mayhem, this short story is sure to appeal to plenty of readers.

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