Silent Heart by Amy Lane

Silent Heart by Amy Lane
Search and Rescue #2
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (220 pages)
Other: M/M, Masturbation, Anal Sex
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Paperwhite

Search and Rescue: Book Two

Dog wrangler Preston Echo has been in love with his brother’s best friend, copilot, and business partner since high school—and Damien Ward knew it. As Preston grew into a stunning, hard-willed man, Damien began to dream of Preston too.

Then Damien almost died in a helicopter crash. While his physical wounds are slowly healing, the blows to his self-confidence and goodwill are almost worse. His body is broken and he’s afraid to fly—how can Preston love him now? cheapest price for levitra Talking about the erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing for many men. The feelings depict grieving on line viagra process. To exempt this smoking session one needs to be mentally aroused cialis cheap online making it a significant factor in causing ED. Weight can cause pressure along the duct walls and the cialis samples free gallbladder itself. When Preston’s brother goes on a search-and-rescue mission and disappears in an earthquake zone in Mexico, Preston and Damien are thrown together in an effort to find him and bring him back. Preston’s merciless honesty—and relentless passion—may leverage Damien into his bed, but can Damien overcome his fears to allow himself to stay there?

Oh My Days, I bloody LOVED this book!

I loved that Preston KNEW he wanted Damien, right from when he was a child. I loved that Damien KNEW Preston wanted him, but refused to act on it. I loved that Preston’s big brother and Damien’s best friend KNEW they would be together but was getting frustrated with them both.

I loved Preston no-nonsense kinda chat. He says what he wants, and thats that. I *think* that maybe Preston falls somewhere on the Spectrum, with his mannerisms and habits, and needing to centre himself, but that was never said. To be honest I LOVED that it wasn’t laid out for you, that you have to piece that together for yourself. Some people will find Preston . . difficult. . . .to read but I really LOVED him.

Damien, at the beginning, not so much, but he does redeem himself! I understand why he thought Preston might not want him, since his accident and his injury, and I understand that Damien thought less of himself because of it. But I LOVED that once Preston get his way, Damien lets Preston run with it. Preston makes Damien SEE that, yes Damien has an injury to his leg, yes his leg is damaged and may never be the same as it was, but it is STILL Damien’s leg, and Preston wants Damien, so Preston wants the leg too.

Both Preston and Damien have a say, in the third person. I loved that they did. Like I said, I LOVED Preston and his chatting and his ways. He is why I’ve filed this book on my “warm and fuzzies” shelf. Because, strangley, but ya’ll know I’m all about my book feeling, Preston made me feel warm and fuzzy in every which way. In a wrapped up in cotton wool way, you know?

No, I expect you don’t know, I’m struggling to word how I feel about this book, to be honest!

So, I’ll just shut up but for this, I want to go back and read book one, which tells of Damien’s accident and what happened on the mountain to get him down. Some is recapped here, but we don’t get to hear from Tevyn and Mallory, and I want their story as much as I want all the gory details about Damien’s accident. I also want to know whats going on with Preston’s brother and the kid from Mexico.

So, 5 full and shiny stars!

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