Shattered Promises by Linda Trout

Shattered Promises by Linda Trout
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Chamomile

While investigating a plane crash in rural Arkansas, FBI Agent Wade Malone is stunned to find the only woman he ever loved living close by. As a hardened criminal closes in, putting Miranda in the cross-hairs, he’s conflicted on how to protect her, yet keep his well-guarded emotions from resurfacing.

Miranda Johnson loves the life she has carved out as an artist, but she never expected to see her former lover again. Can they reconnect and move past the hurts each inflicted on the other, or will the secret she has kept from him all these years cost them everything?

After nine long years, Randi Johnson finds her life once again thrown into a tailspin! Unexpectedly finding herself face to face with the man who left her without a word nearly a decade ago is just the tip of the iceberg.

This was a quick read, and one that can likely be enjoyed in a sitting or two for most readers. The story was entertaining and grabbed my attention from the opening pages. FBI Agent Wade Malone and Miranda (Randi) Johnson were both interesting characters, and kept the story going. I enjoyed seeing them reacquaint each other after so long a separation, and seeing them both discover the truth about the past they once shared.

The story was good, and the action, suspense, and romance were all well balanced. I did feel like some of the plot points were left open, and the loose threads left me slightly frustrated while reading. The story we do get was fun, but the face that we never really learn about the plane or why and how it went down, among other related loose ends dropped my rating of this one.

The villain also felt like kind of an odd choice to me, as his character seemed to be more or less thrown in to give an otherwise quick moving steamy romance a bit more suspense and thrills along the way, the shared trauma and danger drawing the love interests closer together. While it does serve to make for a quick and exciting read, it left some to be desired as the plot overall left me feeling a bit unsatisfied.

For those who enjoy a quick read with just the right amount of romance with just a hint of spice and a thrilling suspense, this one is probably a great story. I tend to like a little more meat and a slightly more fleshed out story and more of a complex character and plot, but know many enjoy these fast reads. This one hits the spot for a read that can be enjoyed in a couple of sittings and is written in such a way that keeps the reader entertained and engaged from cover to cover!

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