Saving Grace by Bianca D’Arc

Saving Grace by Bianca D’Arc
Grizzly Cove Book 5
Publisher: Liefde Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (77 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

As Game Warden, Jack Chambers is responsible for the wildlife in and around Grizzly Cove, but he never expected to find a badly injured mermaid washed up on the shore near his house. He takes her in and helps her back to health, only to learn of the much greater danger held at bay, just off shore, and how it’s affecting the ocean-going shifter population.

Jack’s immediate problem is the pull the leviathan still has over the woman he is fast coming to believe is his mate. He has to save her, but they also need to work through the problems of a land shifter and a mermaid getting together. Can they make the relationship work? Or is he going to end up broken hearted when she returns to her watery home?
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And who even knew there were mer people off shore? This is something the residents of Grizzly Cove are going to have to figure out, especially with the leviathan out there too, still posing a great threat to all creatures of the Light.

As Grizzly Cove’s Game Warden, Jack Chambers takes his responsibility to the town seriously. With the leviathan out in the water, Jack has increased his patrols, watching for any sign of danger. When he comes across a woman on the beach, battered and bleeding, he makes it his duty to help her as best he can. He thinks that she just may be a mermaid, because as he came upon her, she was glowing, and as he watched, her tail became two legs.

Grace wakes up confused; the last thing she remembers is fighting to escape the evil being out in the water, but she wakes up in a warm, soft bed. As she begins to put the pieces together, she is drawn to Jack, and wants to explore what might be growing between them. Jack wants what his brother the sheriff has, a mate to love and grow old with. But he has to wonder, can a mermaid and a bear be mates? His bear thinks so, but he takes things slow, wanting to be sure Grace feels the same, and besides, she needs to heal after her ordeal with the leviathan. Can these two magical beings find their way to true love? Can Grace accept what Jack is offering? Can these two find a way to block the compulsion that the leviathan is sending to keep Grace safe from its evil lure?

Saving Grace is Bianca D’Arc’s next book in the Grizzly Cove series. Ms. D’Arc has added some new characters, folks who are in dire peril from the evil leviathan, because they are water dwellers. I like watching the town grow, as each new species appears in Grizzly Cove. I love the small town feel of the town, and the way everyone is willing to pitch in to help when things get rough. And all of the characters are strong and well defined, with many facets to them. This is a town I really would love to visit.

Jack Chambers is the brother of the sheriff, but has a much different character. He is quiet and more solitary, which is why his job as Game Warden suits him. He is strong and loyal, but he is also lonely. I like seeing Jack learning about mer folk, and how they live and trying to get closer to Grace as his attraction to her grows. I like that Jack is open to trying, even if he gets his heart broken if Grace feels different than he does.

Grace is a mermaid, magical and courageous. She is a survivor, and has managed to escape the evil leviathan although she is worried about her friends still in the water. I enjoyed seeing her react to Jack, and giggled at her inner dialog about whether he is interested. I like that they are both just a bit reticent about rushing the other, and I liked that Grace was so accepting of Jack being a bear instead of another mer being. She is ready and willing to take the next step, and when danger ties to take her, she discovers she is stronger with Jack by her side.

As the leviathan continues to pose a threat offshore, the residents of Grizzly Cove want to find a way to offer sanctuary to any of the water dwelling beings if need be. The ceremony Jack’s friend Gus, the shaman, performs is lovely, and helps to balance out their powers to help keep Grace safer from the lure of the creature. There are some very touching scenes, some humorous spots, and lots of hot in the rain passion. This is one for those who believe in magic and love, and enjoy the battle between good and evil. Keep the fan on high and the tissues close, and enjoy the visit.

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