Royal Boy by Hannah Morse

Royal Boy by Hannah Morse
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Can an English Nobleman and a Texan find enough in common to build a life together?

Duke George Corbyn commands both wealth and power. An attack before he flies to the states leads him to getting an American bodyguard. George is nonplussed. A babysitter is a no, but a Daddy would be a yes, because what nobody knows is that under his posh exterior, he’s a little longing for a Daddy.

When drill sergeant Aaron Anderson needed a job, he was recruited into CARE, Inc.—a security company that gave him a new start as a bodyguard. Assigned to watch over George, Aaron is not only attracted to the man, but also very aware that Georgie needs a firm hand to guide him. And that hand probably needs to be on the brat’s behind.

When the attacker returns, they learn more is at stake than just their hearts.

You know how sometimes you want to absolutely love a book, but then you don’t, and you have no real reason for it? Yep? Well, that was me and this book. The blurb sounded amazing and I couldn’t wait to start.

It starts off with George having paint thrown at him by an unknown assailant, and then returning home to find out his home has been attacked too. Then, he finds out this may be related to threatening letters he’s received. A trip to America cannot be postponed, so George’s team find a bodyguard to protect him whilst over there. And there we meet Aaron.

The parts I did love in this were the scenes between Aaron and George, especially the beginning of their relationship when Aaron clearly recognizes Georgie isn’t getting what he needs and helps him achieve that. Their relationship quickly builds to one of love and trust, with both of them getting what they need from each other. One thing in particular with Aaron’s relationships with others is that he was always cognizant of how he would feel in their position. I adored that!

The bits that didn’t work as well were the bits involving the assailant. It was pretty clear who was behind it, once we were introduced to that character. Not only that, but it felt like a big build-up to something that was over in seconds. One thing I did love about the finale was George’s strength of character and conviction in Aaron.

So, there we go. A book that I thoroughly enjoyed even though it didn’t tick every box. Even so, I would definitely read more from this author and I have no hesitation in recommending this book. Looking forward to more in the CARE Inc. series.

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