Riding The Hammer by Cassie Decker

Riding The Hammer by Cassie Decker
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short story (24 pages)
Other: M/M
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern
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It’s long-haul trucker Eddie’s first Christmas away from home, and he picks up the CB radio in search of friendly voice. He doesn’t expect to reconnect with his old instructor—and brief but passionate fling—Colton. Eddie realizes the scarf he’s been knitting symbolizes the love and longing he’s been trying to deny. When fate brings them back together on a lonely, snowy stretch of Iowa highway, will they grab hold of their second chance and acknowledge the love woven tightly between them?

Eddie is young, but in the ten months he’s been a long-haul truck driver he’s rarely felt lonely or the need to feel a connection with the random strangers who populate his radio. It’s Christmas Eve though, and this is the first time in his life he hasn’t celebrated the holiday with his sister and nephews. Unable to even call home with no cell reception, Eddie reaches out for the first time over the radio waves, and is pleased when there’s a response. After a few exchanges though, Eddie realizes that his radio-buddy is none other than Colton, his instructor from the academy. Suddenly the Christmas holidays don’t appear so bleak at all.

This is a really short but totally heart-warming story. I really enjoyed how Eddie and Colton didn’t just miraculously meet up and solve all the challenges that had led them down different paths. There was no quick, simple solution to their relationship and this made it feel far more realistic and worth fighting for to me. I also really liked how despite the fact Eddie is quite young age-wise, he was extremely mature and the almost-year he’d spent on the road had given him quite a bit of seasoning and maturity to him.

I found Eddie and Colton to both be interesting and relatable characters and while the physical intimacy between them was extremely brief in just a short scene the connection and clear affection between them really sold me on their romance. Added in to the fact that they were both willing to work towards building and growing their relationship and I strongly feel this is a great, quick read that many readers will really enjoy.

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