Review: Santa Six

Santa Six
By B.J. McCall

Divorced and eager to begin her new life, Anni Marks attends a Santa auction on Celestial Desires, an adult entertainment space station. On auction, twelve handsome younger men and one night of holiday pleasure.

To earn extra money, Niko Dante takes on an extra holiday duty. As Santa Six he’s up for auction. He’s never done the sex for money thing, but one beautiful bidder gives him a night he’d never forget.

Sometimes the best presents are unexpected.

This is a sexy little holiday story that is sure to make you smile. The opening scene immediately got my attention, and it didn’t stop there.

I really enjoyed the believable characters, and the futuristic elements of the story. The situations weren’t ones I’ve ever been in, obviously, but I felt a connection to the characters’ feelings just the same.

Niko’s and Anni’s interactions are sexy and realistic. Anni’s specific noticing of Niko’s parading during the auction said a lot to me about her. Both the dialogue and sex fit together nicely to provide the reader with a nice little holiday treat!

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Reviewed by Aster

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