Review: Christmas Cookies: Frost Bite

Christmas Cookies: Frost Bite
by Tuesday Morrigan

When Julian wakes to find three beautiful women on his bed his thoughts are predictably X-rated. When he discovers that the three women are the Fates, the gods responsible for the death of his beloved, he is livid… until he hears their proposal. They will give Julian three days with Jacklyn. Three days to love her, touch her, kiss her, and change the course of history. Three days to tell her his secret.

Three days to prevent the death that never should have happened.

After losing Jacklyn the first time – Julian is not willing to lose her when given a second chance. The Fates send him back a few days before Jacklyn’s death to allow Julian the time to tell her what he truly is. When he finally tells her his secret, he has done something to upset her terribly and she flees him. Only while following her closely, trying to make sure she is okay does he find the opportunity to save her from dying and allowing her to live out her days with her lover.

Some scenes are quite erotic and sensual. There are quite a few dominant/submissive scenes that are very well written. Jacklyn and Julian are the epitome of soul mates in every way. A good, hot, romantic holiday read.

Reviewed by Snowdrop

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