Restless Spirits by Shyla Colt

Restless Spirits by Shyla Colt
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (87 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Thistledown

Ghost hunting just got sexy.

In love with his childhood best friend, Demi Fox, for years, Pierce Lane has kept his emotions a closely guarded secret. The truth is revealed during a carefully planned weekend away at a historic haunted Inn, where passion ignites among flashlights, investigation, and paranormal activity. While they burn up the sheets, and work on an unexpected case, Pierce searches for a way to convince the gun-shy beauty what they have is worth exploring after the trip.

After watching her father wither away once her mother died, Demi Fox swore off love. Then her best friend drops a bombshell she never saw coming during a trip of a lifetime. While fulfilling her dream of ghost hunting, a brush with a restless spirit changes her outlook on life. When it’s time to check out, she decides to give love a chance, only to find out they have way bigger problems on their hands.

When Pierce takes Demi to a haunted hotel for a weekend getaway, there are more things than the spooks that go bump in the night.

Pierce has been in love with his best friend Demi since he could remember. He’s had enough of waiting and he wants to tell her how he feels. He sets up a ghost hunting expedition at a nearby haunted hotel and gets everything just the way Demi would want it, down to the music playing on the MP3 player. Whisking her away, the two collide in a passionate realization of their feelings for one another.

A ghost is waiting for them at the hotel and she picks up on Demi’s erotic nature and hangs on for the ride. Sex, sex and more sex fill the couple’s time at the hotel. There is some investigating but it leads them back to bedroom exploration and the realization that they both like things a little bit kinky.

The only fly in the ointment is Pierce’s realization that Demi doesn’t do relationships. She stays on the surface. Can he delve beneath her armor and save his damsel from the ghost before none of them have a happy ending?

This story was a cute weekend getaway type of set up with a ghost hunting expedition thrown in for good measure. There were some reactions from both characters that felt over the top and I had a hard time identifying with either one of them. Pierce was too nice-setting everything up without demanding anything from Demi. She was a whirlwind of nature and kind of a sex kitten without much happening behind the scenes.

The chemistry between Demi and Pierce was undeniable and author Shyla Colt does a great job playing them off on one another. Using the male POV so the female reader can try and connect with the hunky hero was a win. Every girl wants to be whisked away for the weekend for kinky sex and it was nice to see things from his perspective.

Overall, this was a fun paranormal romp especially nice if you are in the mood for a short, quick read.  It’s ghost hunting on the go with some sexy adventures under the sheets.

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