Rat Race Reboot by Laura Noel

Rat Race Reboot by Laura Noel
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Non-Fiction, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Escape the rat race and create your ideal future today!

Are you tired of the endless daily grind? Of feeling that constant need to do more, achieve more, be more? Are you reaching the end of the day and feeling exhausted after going nowhere so fast?

You can design—and have—your dream life, if you learn how to reboot your mind. Your brain is more powerful than you realize and knowing how to use your thoughts to empower you is the key to setting and achieving “impossible” goals every single day.

Rat Race Reboot contains the answers you need to maximize your potential, find a meaningful purpose, and create a fulfilling life. With the strategies you’ll learn in Rat Race Reboot, you can become your best, most successful self, and discover the joy you’ve always wanted.

Hope and hard work never go out of fashion.

I liked the author’s emphasis on having a good attitude and persevering even if your second or your tenth attempt to do something doesn’t succeed. There is a lot of wisdom in that advice. Sometimes it takes multiple attempts to reach a goal, and others are more likely to help people who remain positive and focused on what they want to accomplish in life than those who look at everything through a negative perspective.

With that being said, I wish the author had spent more time explaining what realistic goals look like and which signs might let someone know that what they’re trying to accomplish isn’t going to happen right now for whatever reason. Imagining a better future is critically important, but thinking positive thoughts cannot make every single dream a person can think of come true. Some fantasies require many years of hard work and a lot of luck to turn into reality, while others could be seriously hampered by, say, the quiet prejudice of the person who decides whether to hire someone for their dream job or offer them the loan they need to start a small business. This is a complex topic, and I wish the author had spent more time leaning into the many different outcomes that are possible other than relatively quick success.

This was a well-organized book that was easy to read. I appreciated the many lists included in it of ways to change everything from one’s office to the way one thinks in order to maximize the possibility of success. While not everything in life is within our control by any means, there is still something to be said for making the best of life and looking on the bright side even if it feels like there will never be a breakthrough. Having something to quickly reference during times like these is important, especially when it’s as accessible as this was.

Rat Race Reboot was a thought-provoking read.

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