Rainbows In Sea Glass by Kim Katil

Rainbows In Sea Glass by Kim Katil
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short story (51 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Kyle has loved James, his best friend’s older brother, for as long as he can remember. Unfortunately James is a player, and Kyle has no desire to be his latest conquest. When James suddenly turns the full weight of his charm on him, Kyle flees to Cape May Point to collect sea glass and Cape May diamonds to make a St. Nicholas Day present for his aunt.
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James has always taken Kyle’s presence for granted and he’s shocked to find how integral Kyle is to his life and future happiness. Braving his family’s well-meaning attempts to help and a sudden winter storm, James heads to the shore to convince Kyle that the most precious thing they’ll find on the beach is each other.

For as long as he can remember Kyle has adored his best friend Maria’s older brother, James. While Kyle is disappointed, he had never expected James to return his interest. So Kyle’s world is rocked when James shows a small spark of chemistry with him and – terrified of getting his heart broken – Kyle takes some space to protect himself. When Kyle’s aunt asks him for some sea glass, Kyle can’t refuse her. With a little help from Maria and a lot of beach magic, can Kyle and James find their way together?

I felt the author did a good job explaining the mutual chemistry and curiosity between James and Kyle. While I personally would have preferred a bit more explanation as to how and why James suddenly started to see and feel Kyle was the one man who would complete him after decades of being friends and platonic, I can appreciate how the short length of the story didn’t really leave too much time for hashing over the past or dragging this aspect of the plot out. I was grateful James did explain some of this change in perspective to his sister as it gave James’ reasoning – but it still felt like quite an about-face, especially from Kyle’s perspective.

That said, I really enjoyed this story. The whole friends-to-lovers plotline is always a winner with me and there was certainly chemistry and a deep emotional connection between the two men which made the believability and logic to their relationship seem very well grounded and understandable. I also enjoyed how Kyle was already practically a member of the family from many years of his close ties and friendship so this made things really smooth and feel natural. Readers looking for a strongly Christmassy story might not be satisfied with that aspect of the story. While set in December and having some reference to the holiday period the story really is mainly centered around Kyle, James, their relationship and Kyle’s photos and creations for his Aunt.

Steamy and sensual, this is a lovely story that ticks all the right boxes. Emotional and really well written – I loved this story and will be eagerly keeping an eye out for more stories by this author.

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