Playing with Demons by Cally Edwards

Playing with Demons by Cally Edwards
Publisher: MoshPit Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length; Full Length (167 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Dryas

In a world where humans are unaware of the demons that roam amongst them, it’s left to the Nephilim to keep it that way—or at least that’s what Grace Campbell was brought up to believe. Grace might have been born half-Nephilim and half-demon, but her loyalty is wholly on the side of the good guys. She’s dedicated her life to protecting the innocent, and her mixed linage only makes her better at her job. Unfortunately, her blood also makes her the only one capable of entering Hell’s hidden wards.

Now her latest assignment will see Grace endure the trials of the seven deadly sins in order to win a barbaric tournament to secure an important prize for the Nephilim. To survive, Grace will be forced to embrace her dark side and accept the help of her greatest opponent yet, Lucifer’s son. The very sexy Prince of Hell, Zadeon, will have Grace questioning just how bad, the bad guys are.

Grace Campbell is part of an organization full of special and rare humans who have been gifted with special abilities from angels, called the Nephilim. Their mission is to kill the demons who prey on human souls. Grace is also part demon, and was informed that her father raped her mother and then a year later killed her. So, Grace was raised by the Nephilim.

She became one of the strongest agents and is given a mission that could end up in her death. They want her to enroll in a demon Tournament which is held every 50 years in hell. It’s an evil competition that allows the most sadistic demons to show what they are made of. The winner receives a momentous prize. The prize this time is a weapon called the Spear of Destiny.

To qualify she needs to fight several demons to show that she can hold her own. She meets the seven elite soldiers of Lucifer: Zadeon (Lucifer’s son), Azazel, Semyaza, Beelzebub, Penemue, Gadreel, and Armaros. She is immediately drawn to Zadeon, their connection was felt by both.
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The challenges are based on the seven deadly sins, each one getting harder and harder. Each challenge teaches her more about demons and her perception starts to change from what she had been told her entire life. She makes friends with some of the competitors and her heart break’s seeing them suffer.

Grace is a complex character whose life seems to be going the way she expected. She is incredibly loyal to those who earned her trust.

The interaction between Grace and the elite is sweet and supportive. They treat her like a little sister, watching over her every step of the way.

As she accepts her demon side her relationship with Zadeon becomes hot, spicy and tender. Watching him teach her how to use her demonic abilities to make it easier for her to win was cute. A great example of how much he loves her is when he puts a guard on her two friends from the organization.

Lucifer is a complex character full of contradictions. He is strong and ruthless one moment and then teasing and happy the next. You can’t help but feel the sorrow that blanket’s him when he thinks about his human wife whom had died. That is the reason he was cast out of heaven and it’s interesting that he still considers the Lord his master. The challenges seem to be testing each competetors morals and strength.

Grace does not understand where she fits in and who she really is. Her willpower and inner strength, along with the help and guidance she receives from the elite and the other demons that she made friends with help her get back on her feet.

The only thing I would change is that there are times when the plot slows down. The ending will drive you crazy as the author leaves you on the edge of your seat.

This is a novel that makes you think. It shows how society is becoming closer to the deadly sins without knowing it. It also shows how love and friendship can help Grace realize people do care and that she has a family who will not betray her. If you enjoy a different kind of Lucifer and hell, this is the book for you.

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