*Pink and Country by Emmanuelle Snow

*Pink and Country by Emmanuelle Snow
Publisher: Smart Lily Publishing, Inc.
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Larkspur

A Broody Musician
Carter Hills is my moody and hot-as-hell country music star new neighbor.
How I didn’t recognize him when I rented the cabin next to his for a month is still a mystery. Yeah, I bet he had a great time messing with me on purpose. And disrupting all my plans.

The guy is not only Nashville’s most eligible bachelor, but he’s a pain in my a**. Worse, he’s acting like he knows better. But he is about to discover I can master that game too. I’m not some innocent damsel in distress. I can definitely take care of myself.

The Sassy Colorful Girl Next Door
My heart rate picks up every time we’re together, but it doesn’t matter, his attitude should be enough to ward me off him. But still, the more I get to know him, the closer I want to get.

Despite our banter, Carter is always coming back for more, and my month-long retreat isn’t going as expected.

Should I push him away, or should I indulge in the fire searing between us and risk being burned?

Fall in love with Nashville’s hottest bachelor.

Emmanuelle Snow writes an intoxicating story about a famous country singer and a writer. This is a slow burn story with two main characters who are not looking for love, but find it when they are least expecting it.

Carter and April meet when they are both staying at separate cabins in the woods trying to get away from everything. They both have different reasons for wanting to get away, but when they meet, they seem to forget everything else.

I love reading stories about country stars, so I was excited to read this story. It is entertaining to watch Carter and April banter back and forth and fall in love. They have sizzling chemistry and I enjoyed all of their encounters.

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