Perception by Katja Desjarlais

Perception by Katja Desjarlais
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Review by Dryas

The Kaius vampires have long relied on Mikhail’s empathic skills to help maintain the peace. Incessantly pummeled by the vibes of his bloodline, Mickey teeters along the narrow wall separating his emotions from those of his hauntmates. Preoccupied with preserving the harmony of the haunt, he’s never been drawn to a woman…until now.

Audra Verdi, a psychologist pulled from the bloodslave quarters, finds herself straddling a thin line herself—between the ingrained ranks dividing the vampires from the women in their sphere. She fights to survive and establish her place in a world she’s determined to change. The sensitive vampire intrigues her mind…and her heart.

When one of their own is captured by human authorities, Audra joins the hauntmates on a cross-country rescue mission. Will she find the real Mickey underneath all the swirling feelings or will the archaic customs of vampire society send her running?

The plot to this story is rather complicated and I suggest that you read the first novel before this one. It took me a while to get into the plot and figure out what was going on. The Vampires are no longer a secret and each Haunt has its own Sire. The The story focuses on the Chaos haunt, who have the best trained tenders and one of the strongest vampires.
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Their society is run by having human tenders, who are trained extensively to handle the needs of all vampires including feeding and sex. These tenders are treated like cattle, being bought, and sold to different Haunts. To me, this is a disgusting part of their society. I hate how they consider humans as lesser. The blood slaves are only used to fill fresh bags of blood and are kept in a cell with minimal amenities. Tenders are at least trained to know what their roles are, and they seem to enjoy their positions. Yet, they can be bought and sold when they become too attached to a vampire.

A connected vampire is incredibly possessive and will only drink from that person. Audra is a trained psychologist and a former blood slave who keeps an eye on Molly and her recovery. Audra is an enigma to the vampires. She is not a tender, although she was a former blood slave. Audra is worried that what she had been through would cause problems with her connected. None of them know exactly how to treat her.

I really enjoyed her character because she is feisty and no-nonsense. She doesn’t let the vampires scare her and lets her opinions be known, even if they don’t want to hear it. The fun thing is watching her grow to become a member of their family. They become protective when they have to take her on a rescue mission for one of their own. Her courage is impressive.

Nichol seems to hate females. He is also known as the most irritable. He does have a huge burden to carry. His gift is empathy, and he feels everything his brethren do and can even drain some of it into himself. Audra is fascinated by him and his gift. Later, as their relationship develops she can tell which one of his brothers he is helping by his eyes.

The ending was a little rushed, but that may be because the third book picks up directly from the second. In this book, the reader is left hanging, with a big decision Audra needs to make.

All in all this is a good book after I got through the first part and figured out which character is which. I would recommend this to anyone who loves vampires.

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