Operation: Syria by William Meikle

Operation: Syria by William Meikle
Publisher: Severed Press
Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

A trip to a war zone to rescue trapped archaeologists finds the S-Squad in a remote desert region of lost cities and temples. They quickly discover that they are not alone among the ruins.

First they find the bodies, then they find the webs, then they’re in real trouble when the spiders attack.

Big spiders.

Lots of them.

Captain Banks had been about to ask his commanding officer for some leave for their team after they had come through a number of bizarre missions in a very short timeframe. Instead, Captain Banks is told his team is needed to leave for Syria – immediately – to rescue a group of archaeologists who have issued an emergency call after being attacked by rebels. Banks and the S-Squad gear up, hoping this will be a quick in and out, but they quickly discover that the rebels are the least of their concerns.

I have read a number of these books and always find them a delightful romp of a tale. On the shorter side of a full-length novel, I’ve found they are always quick into the action with plenty of large-scale monsters, a bunch of energy, plenty of sweary Scottish squaddies and a dollop or two of fun and plot. They are easy to read, and I love the authors tone and pace – I’ve always found them quick and a delight to read. They’re an adventurous blast in so many ways I love them. If you’re a fan of B grade “monster” movies this is an excellent series to sink your teeth into.

There is always an interesting amount of character growth in these stories, but I have to be honest the characters are more the vessels for the plot and storyline – not the driving force. This time the monster-of-the-day is enormous spiders and I enjoyed how the author meshed this with the archaeologists and the dig they were working on. While the plot wasn’t overly convoluted, that wasn’t what I wanted or needed for this story and I absolutely felt that the balance between action, monsters and the characters (both the archaeologists and the S-Squad team) was really well handled.

Switch off your brain, grab a drink then relax and enjoy this fast paced, fun and light story. I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to dig into the next.

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