New Recruit by Louise Collins

New Recruit by Louise Collins
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure
Length: Short story (97 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Rimming
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Boredom is slowly killing Medic Rick “Babe” Shepherd. His fellow soldiers are enjoying the quiet new base and the laidback attitude of their commander, but the lack of action is draining Babe’s soul. Excitement comes with the arrival of three special unit soldiers, and one has his eye on Babe. Becket doesn’t shy away from the fact he wants Babe, and Babe can’t deny his attraction to the mystery soldier—if only he had a few minutes spare to indulge in the Becket fantasy.

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When he finally gets him, Becket’s not sure he can ever let him go.

Rick would never have believed he’d be bored in Afghanistan. The medic on his team, he prefers to be kept busy and patching up his guys – doing what he’s always loved. When three Special forces guys are sent to their base after a mission goes sideways Rick is surprised when one of them – Becket – seriously turns him on. The two men have enough chemistry to set the place on fire, but can they find their way together?

I really enjoyed this short story. I felt the author did a really good job blending the story so it looked like Rick was doing one thing when actually something completely different was occurring. While the reader should certainly be able to sift out the truth from the impressions fleeting glances and quick looks gives the three new soldiers I found it added an interesting (and for me personally, very different!) element to the story. Usually mis-communications irritate me and I often find them to be illogical, but in this story I found then funny and almost slightly slap-stick the way Becket in particular kept on misinterpreting the situation around Rick and his role in their team. This added a level of humour to the story which isn’t common and I enjoyed it. A part of me wondered if the misconceptions would hamper Rick and Becket being able to trust each other enough to start anything other than a Happy For Now style of relationship, but I was again pleased when Rick discovered what Becket truly thought fairly promptly and they could both deal with the fall out.

Sexy and fun, I found that this was a different style of soldier-based story. The sex was steamy hot and well written, the connection between Rick and Becket real enough I found it believable. While I’m not sure the plot of mis-communication will be every readers cup of tea, I personally enjoyed it and will definitely be keeping an eye out for other stories written by this author. There were a number of strong secondary characters who were given enough time and story that I am hoping they will be featured in subsequent stories.

Sexy and fast paced, this was a good story and one I can recommend.

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