Nanny for the Firemen by Cassie Cole

Nanny for the Firemen by Cassie Cole
Publisher: Juicy Gems Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Dicentra

I finally landed a date with the swooniest, most gorgeous fireman in town.
But just when our date was going well, he got called back to the firehouse.
Turns out, a baby was left on the fire station doorstep.
And since they’re clueless about taking care of a baby, they recruit me to help.

Now I’m crashing at the firehouse with them.
Three hulking, chiseled heroes in suspenders.
And even though I came here to take care of the baby, they soon turn their sights on me…

I spend my days taking care of the baby,
And at night, the firemen take care of me.
Can we control the attraction spreading through the station like wildfire?
Or will our entire situation go up in smoke?

NANNY FOR THE FIREMEN is a scorching Reverse Harem love story filled with humor, emotion, and enough excitement to leave you sweaty and breathless. HEA guaranteed!

Cassie Cole’s books have always been some of my favorite romances available on Kindle Unlimited, and Nanny for the Firemen was no exception. Clara has come home for a while to help her mother at their restaurant after the passing of her father, and one of the highlights of her week is the weekly delivery to the three hunky firemen at the fire station. She’s thrilled when one of them asks her out on a date. However, their night out is interrupted after a baby is surrendered at the station. Clara gets roped into helping take care of the baby while the four of them do their best to get him into a good home. Lots of fun relationship growth ensues, as Clara and her firemen lovers work to hide the baby from everyone (including her overbearing Italian mother who is desperate for grandbabies).

As opposed to other authors in the reverse harem genre, her books include a great plot along with the steamy scenes, and I really connected to this one in particular. I really appreciated and took note of how much care went into researching the safe haven laws, as well as highlighting some of the current failings of America’s foster care system. All of the characters were fun (especially Clara’s mother) and I really enjoyed getting to see Billy get what was coming to him.

Overall, Nanny for the Firemen was another great read from Cassie Cole. Her books are a perfect choice when you’re looking for a fun and steamy reverse harem romance you can finish in an afternoon. If you’re not into reverse harem novels, I also recommend checking out her pen name K.T. Quinn where she writes monogamous happily ever after romance stories (with the same amount of spice).

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