Murder for Liar by Verlin Darrow

Murder for Liar by Verlin Darrow
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

Tom is dangerously close to discovering where his threshold is—the point of no return for his sanity. His encounter with the killer represents one more bizarre hot potato he’s forced to juggle instead of filing away neatly. It’s not one too many, but what if the next one is? And could all the coincidences that keep happening to Tom be nothing more than that? Could a young woman named Zig-Zag really be an angel? How could a dog lead Tom to one of the most important clues? The questions pile up, much as the murders do.

Want an unusual read sure to keep you guessing? Murder for Liar by Verlin Darrow could be for you. Psychotherapist Tom has eccentric patients and a murder mystery on his hands. Arundel visits Tom for counseling, but he’s not very cooperative and even makes Tom a bit uncomfortable. What’s up with this guy?

Soon other equally unique characters show up at Tom’s door. There’s a strange connection between them and something odd going on. Are these occurrences connected to the murders happening around town? Someone Tom knows, a perfectly lovely colleague, becomes a victim. Then a new friend of his becomes threatened. These characters and the questions they raise really drive the story forward.

Tom finds himself in some wild situations and begins to question his own sanity. Could he really be losing his stability, or is something sinister the cause of it all? This book does a good job making one wonder. It is hard to tell what is at the root of it all, making for an engaging mystery. For a book full of surprises with an underlying spiritual theme, why not have a look at this one?

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