Messing Around With Max by Lori Foster

Messing Around With Max by Lori Foster
Publisher: HQN Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (137 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Review by: Xeranthemum

Successful relationship columnist Max Sawyers has lived life in the fast lane andenjoyed every second of it, but with a cranky rescue dog named Cleo now ruling his lifeinstead of casual temptation, he’s decided it’s time to change his ways and find a wife.Between his own high standards and his new dog’s dislike of anything female, this is noeasy feat—especially when the worst possible candidate comes crashing into his life, andshe’s the only woman the capricious Cleo can stand.

Maddie Montgomery refused to take to heart the nasty things her ex-fiancé said aftershe caught him cheating, but perhaps he had a point about her naiveté with men. Shecertainly hasn’t ruled out marriage in the (very distant) future, but for now, she’s goingto go all out in the name of fun. Who better to practice with than the gorgeous Max?Problem is, he’s beginning to think he’s met The One, and she isn’t going to like findingout it’s her…

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I think what made this story work for me was Cleo. She’s a dog with attitude and she’s a little hard to love. The love she does receive is part of what made Max such a perfect hero. How he obtained his pet, how he takes care of her and his goal for her future well-being is the driving force behind a lot of his decisions when it comes to his relationship with Maddie.

For the heroine’s part, she has some ulterior motives, unusual friends, a heart of gold and a very healthy libido. Actually, it became clear that they both have healthy appetites in that area, which made for some very steamy, spicy and entertaining reading.

The pace is brisk, the entertainment solid and the love scenes are very well written. The secondary characters bring charm, insight and a few laughs. They are warm, wonderful and full of surprises.

The scenes with the most humor that really had me laughing out loud is when Max followed Maddie on the sly and saw her going into a specialized store. He jumped to conclusions, which I’ll admit were perfectly logical, and when the big reveal came about the true purpose, it completely threw me. Max’s reaction was priceless. It was awesome.

Messing Around With Max is a must read. For fans that might have missed it, check it out because it’s a gem. For new fans, it’s a great intro to Ms. Foster’s brilliant writing. For readers who are in the mood for a feel-good read after a stressful day, this is the perfect cure. This book pushes all my happy buttons and I guarantee it’s on my keeper shelf.

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