Meri by Beth Linton

Meri by Beth Linton
The Guardians’ Trust, Book 3
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Sci-fi/Fantasy
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Some women are born identical—one in the human world, one in the jungle of the Other Realm. It is their fate to change places. Book three of The Guardians’ Trust series tells Meri’s story…


When Dr. Meri Stevens discovers she’s destined to take her medical skills across the gateway to aid the Resistance, her ordered life is thrown into chaos. She trades the hospital for a jungle, a war, and a husband she craves. Struggling to cope with the changes in her life, can Meri accept love and fulfil her destiny?
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Handsome and good-spirited, Cadell uses humor to conceal his desire for a family. Named for Meri, he throws heart and soul into the match and as the Resistance fight for survival, Cadell fights for his future … and soon two wolves join their war.

We return to the Other Realm as Meri leaves behind everything she knows. Not without a fight though. I loved how upset she was when it was first mentioned. After all, that is the normal, human, reaction, and I think Beth Linton nailed it. Obviously, she goes, otherwise there’d be no story, but going there is only the beginning.

So many excellent parts to this story! It was brilliant to see Brenin and Ana again, and to see how their relationship is progressing. The main bulk of the story is how the Resistance is fighting Griffin, plus the attraction and growing relationship between Meri and Cadell. I just with the little trick of smelling your mate when suffering from morning sickness was real! I could have done with that years ago.

For the first time, we actually get inside Griffin’s head, which was both unexpected and a gift. Not that I like him, but it was good to see his thought process.

We finish with the new Chosen and their reactions. I can’t wait to read Meredith, but these two? Wow!!! Bring it on.

A fantastic addition to the series that I completely recommend. Just read them in order so you get the full story and maximum enjoyment!

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