Luck of the Draw by Jayne Kingston

Luck of the Draw by Jayne Kingston
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (90 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Turnabout is fair play. Or maybe karma is a bitch is more fitting.
Wanting to repay the favor she did for them, Petra’s friends throw her a key party to help her move on from a months-old heartbreak. While she is not interested in falling in love again, getting her stunted sex life back on track doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Except someone sabotages the key drawing before she gets her turn. Instead of spending the night with the ultra-hot doc her friends intended to “accidentally” set her up with, she winds up drawing her good friend Alex’s keys instead.

A night with Alex is coveted among players. Petra quickly finds out the reality of Alex far exceeds his legendary reputation. The moment they kiss they discover a chemistry so combustible it’s positively nuclear. Instantly engulfed in a red-hot haze of passion, neither of them sees it coming when Petra’s ex returns, repentant and threatening to ruin their newfound happiness.

The matchmaker gets the tables turned on her and wins the top prize, a forever kind of love.

The premise of two people who are at first friends and then realize that there’s more than friendship going on is an easy win for me. I can relate and the author does a lovely job of creating a plausible scenario for this short story. Petra and Alex work together. They’re part of a group of close friends who hang out and support each other…and throw 70s style key parties. That was a neat twist.

I won’t go into detail to explain a key party but the end result, while not what Petra’s friends planned, was Alex finally be presented with the opportunity to show Petra how he felt about her. It was sweet really. I think I may have missed something though. I’m not sure exactly how Alex managed to out thwart the matchmakers to get him paired with Petra. I don’t have a problem with reading this one again to find out.

Alex seems like such a nice guy and circumstances had always left him as ‘the boyfriend in waiting’. I was curious to see how Ms. Kingston would handle the morning after. Are they both happy? Is Petra sorry it happened? Is there much awkwardness, especially after ‘the incident’? That was interesting and a total first for me in an erotic romance.

I had no problem cheering for Petra and Alex but when Jude comes back onto the scene I had some mixed emotions. I liked Jude, too, and it was obvious that he and Petra had some serious feelings at one time. For that matter there was an episode with Alex and Jude that could have made it very easy for this to end in a ménage. I had hope when Alex thinks about the night they shared and realizes that he was able to let go and be a different person with Jude, he could be rougher and do things that he couldn’t do with a woman. My interest was truly piqued at that point. I had to see how it would all be resolved.

Ms. Kingston gives satisfying closure to all parties involved. The writing flows well even when the story moves swiftly along the timeline. I would have liked to have seen Alex and Petra at work together along with another character who plays an intricate part of this story, Dr. Michael. He sounded very interesting and doesn’t get nearly enough face time. Oh well, this is a series so maybe he gets his own HEA in a future book. The setup is certainly there to pair him off.

This is a quick read and I truly liked it well enough that I’m adding the first two books of the series to my TBR list. The writing style, character development and dialogue all appeal to me. This story isn’t long or drawn out, it’s perfect for readers who want all the romance and heat without packing on the background details.


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