Lord Of Dreams by Alice Gaines

Lord Of Dreams by Alice Gaines
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Psychotherapist Thea’s instinct to help urges her to reach out to the man who haunts her dreams. When they finally touch, she finds herself drawn into his arms.

He’s the Lord of Dreams, and together they help him heal from a past disaster. But can she learn to get over her own fear of attachment and give herself to him?

Thea works as a psychotherapist and spends most of her days helping people. Yet there’s a man who constantly fills her dreams and she desperately wants to help him – but is unsure how to. But can Thea get past her own fear of attachment and help the Lord of Dreams heal from his own past?

This is a steamy and wonderful novella. Like many erotic novels I do feel the reader needs to just go with the plot and enjoy the flow of the story. I admit I didn’t find the main premise very realistic – that all patients across all the psychotherapist’s were experiencing similar nightmares every night – but it was an excellent plot device to use as incentive for Thea to try and connect with the mysterious man in her dreams.

While I do feel the reader will need to suspend their disbelief, I was really impressed with the depth to the plot, especially considering the short length to the story. Readers who like a good amount of characterization and substance to their plot along with their steamy sex scenes should find this a good balance and an interesting story. I also really enjoyed the pace – Thea wasn’t a stupid character and so her being able to readily connect the various dots helped make me feel like the pace to the story went along at a good clip and I didn’t find myself skimming forward or getting bored.

With steamy sex, a decent plot and strong characters I found this to be a good quick read.

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