Light In The Dark by Taylor Green

Light In The Dark by Taylor Green
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (115 pages)
Other: M/F/M/M/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Double Penetration
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

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Sam has no idea who her stalker is, but knowing he is out there and constantly watching her according to the many notes he leaves her everywhere is making her fearful. When her stalker leaves her a “present” inside her own bedroom, Sam knows she has to do something. She agrees to go away to spend a few weeks on the ranch of her best friends four cousins. Over the years Sam had heard plenty about James, Cash, David and Lance from her best friend, but meeting the men in the flesh was something completely out of Sam’s experience. The five of them quickly form a strong bond – but will Sam’s problems follow along with her?

I found this to be a fun and sexy romp of a story in the style of a reverse-harem (ie multiple male partners in a group relationship with one female). Readers looking for a strongly erotic, graphic story about four brothers sharing the one lady should definitely find this hits a lot of the good notes. I was personally a little dubious about how quickly Sam settled into flirting – and then intimacy – with the four men. She had literally dropped everything – her work, her home, her life – and run away to escape a creepy stalker, yet within an hour of being on the ranch she’s humming and flirting with these four brothers who she had only just met for the first time. It just didn’t really strike me as sensible or realistic. While I admit leeway should be given as Sam had heard plenty of stories about the men and knew them to be safe – they were the cousins of her best friend, after all – it still felt just a little too surreal for me, the massive one-eighty turnabout from scared, stressed, frightened woman to flirty, winking sex siren. I was pleased she didn’t jump immediately into bed with the brothers – that would have stretched my disbelief too far – but I found it odd that Sam had no problems opening up about her difficult past or sharing her secret, most private thoughts with these men from the start. It all felt a little too quick for me, to be honest.

Once I disconnected my brain, however, and just relaxed and enjoyed the story for the sexy shenanigans they were, I enjoyed it a whole lot more. While it took a while for me to really believe in the connection between the four brothers and Sam, the author’s writing was really solid here and I couldn’t help but be swept along for the ride. Admittedly Sam sure got attached to them – and their relationship – a lot quicker than I did as a reader, but as we’re introduced more deeply to the brothers I got invested in them all, and finally really got attached to the five of them living their happily ever after together. Lance, in particular, was a character I grew fond of – his difficult soldier past really had me cheering for him. I feel the author did a good job making the four men distinguishable from each other and making the story deeper than just a “moresome” style of group-sex saucy tale.

Readers looking for a heavily plotted, realistic story might not find what they’re looking for here, but for an erotic reverse-harem style of story this ticks a lot of the right boxes in my mind. The stalker plot was resolved toward the end of the story but for most of the book the focus is on Sam and her working out the relationship and dynamics between her four men. I found this to be a light, sexy read.

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