Kaito’s Silence by Emily Carrington

Kaito’s Silence by Emily Carrington
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Kaito has always been attracted to werewolves of the opposite gender — until he meets his new sign language tutor, a flamboyant wolf named Stefan.

As Kaito struggles with his own sexuality, Stefan starts to feel like an experiment. Can their love thrive or will Kaito’s indecision push them apart?

Kaito had always been attracted to women, until he meets Stefan. Having requested to be placed in the immersion sign language class Kaito is pleased but puzzled when Stefan is assigned to assist him and help teach him. Now questioning his sexuality, Kaito is confused and trying to sort his emotions out, but Stefan is beginning to feel like he’s simply an experiment. Can these two men learn to communicate together properly before it’s too late?

I found this an interesting and well plotted short story. Even though both Kaito and Stefan were in college and adults this story had a bit of a YA feel to me, personally. I think this was in large part because Kaito was still clearly learning and discovering who he was – for his career as well as his sexuality. I think the fact we followed along as he learned both sign language as well as the basics of being a tracker and all the responsibility and meaning that has in this story’s paranormal world meant this came across to me as a bit of a coming-of-age style of story. I found Stefan’s character to be well researched and quite relatable, and while I admit I don’t know much about the deaf community it felt to me like the author did an excellent job and had done her homework when it came to this aspect of the story as a whole.

There are a number of various paranormal creatures at the college – not just werewolves – so I feel readers who enjoy a rich paranormal world and lots of various entities should find this story quite satisfying. While the main thrust of the story is around Kaito and Stefan – and therefore werewolves – I was surprised and pleased by the other creatures and felt it really added a strong element to the story and helped really sell the world-building and paranormal aspect of the world in general. Although it takes quite some time for Stefan and Kaito to become intimate – and it mostly happens off screen – I feel that fits perfectly with the story, both with Kaito’s uncertainty and Stefan not wanting to merely be an experiment or passing fancy. If readers are willing to explore and move along with Kaito and Stefan as they both learn more about each other and themselves then I feel readers will be happy with the pacing of the story and I know I personally found it exactly right.

A good, short coming of age style of story about two interesting men discovering who they are. With great world building and a strong cast of supporting characters this was a good read and an author I will happily try again.


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