It Takes Three by Willa Okati

It Takes Three by Willa Okati
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Geoff’s a medical student. Hardworking, driven, tightly wound as an entire mattress factory’s worth of bedsprings. Ross is a med student too, but unless it’s got to do with math or science he has no idea what’s going on. He kind of likes it that way. It’s peaceful. Aurélien’s a med student as well. Uber-calm, uber-zen, uber-practical.

The three don’t know each other, but with study burnout and big exams coming up fast, they’re all in desperate need of some R & R. And what better way, proposes Aurélien, than getting a little action? Together. Multiple times, and in multiple ways. Sounds a little nuts to Geoff, but he’d rather his head not explode before he’s licensed. And Ross, well, he’s up for anything if it sounds like fun.
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To their surprise and pleasure, once they get started these guys “work” well together. Very much so. Maybe a little too much so. Aren’t things like this supposed to be hard? Sometimes, sure. But in this case, the answer to all their questions is three.

Geoff, Ross and Aurelien are all medical students and with enormous exams coming up the three men desperately need some well earned R & R. While they only know each other in passing, none of them can find a reason to knock back Aurelien when he suggests they get a little action – together as a threesome. None of them could have guessed just how well Aurelien’s suggestion would work, but sometimes it takes three.

This is a fun and seriously smoking hot erotic story. I thought the author took just the right amount of time – letting the reader see Ross, Geoff and Aurelien interact together as regular guys before they all hit the sheets and started burning them down. I adored Ross’s character and loved that his enormous brain had some deliciously hidden depths. I also really enjoyed Aurelien’s character and enjoyed how clearly he seemed to see both Geoff and Ross and was fearless in leading the three of them together down a twisty and sexy garden path together. Geoff in many ways was a good vehicle for the reader, trying to catch up and go with the flow but needing to have the situation explained and help get to know all three men’s characters. So this balance really worked for me and I found myself enjoying the story immensely.

Once the sexual shenanigans start these three men really steam up the page. I enjoyed not just the sex but how the three guys took their time getting to explore and learn how they fit together. Usually it seems that the threesome stories I read at least two of the partners know each other or have a long-standing friendship/relationship so I found it refreshing and enjoyable to see how three near-strangers could forge an equal and intense relationship in a fairly short period of time. I was particularly pleased that Aurelien and Geoff made a concentrated effort to include Ross in their ménage – since Ross had a tendency to get distracted and his character could have easily been lost or overlooked, which I strongly feel would have been a pity and disservice to him.

Readers looking for a quick read with three vibrant and interesting characters and a whole bunch of smoking hot ménage sex should find this short story very satisfying.

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