In Too Deep by Kira Sinclair

In Too Deep by Kira Sinclair
SEALS of Fortune, book 1
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Action/Adventure
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

He didn’t want to need her…

Trouble just walked onto Knox McLemore’s ship—trouble with lush curves, red hair and an uptight attitude that both grates on his nerves and heats his blood. But former Navy SEAL Knox knows all about control. Especially when this sexy nautical archaeologist is the only thing standing between his diving team’s claim on a famous shipwreck…and utter ruin.

Dr. Avery Walsh is grateful her icy persona hides the effect intimidating (and way-too-hot) Knox has on her. For two people who don’t trust—or even like—each other much, the physical chemistry between them is unbelievable. But getting in too deep with Knox is the last thing Avery needs. Because she has a job to do…and dark little secrets to hide.

Friends to lovers and so much more.

I like stories that are enemies to lovers and this one, while they start out on friendly terms, goes to enemies to lovers quickly. It’s okay because the story plugs along at a good clip and the writing is fun, so I had to know what would happen. I’m glad I read this book. It’s hot, but not too hot, and sweet, but not saccharine.

Dr. Avery wants to help with the shipwreck and identify which it is, but Knox has other ideas. He wants to keep her away from the wreck. Unfortunately, there are forces that want these two together, no matter how much they want to stay apart.

I liked the extra threads running through this story—redemption, trust and action–, but I won’t give too much away as to not ruin the plot. Knox and Avery have chemistry, which is great because they get thrown together, but there were times when I thought Avery could’ve cooled it a little. She tried too hard to keep him away. That said, it was relatable. She came across as very human and when she does get with Knox, it’s hot, hot, hot.

If you want a beach read that’s fun, then this might be the one for you.

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