Ice Cold Malice by Rhys Dylan

Ice Cold Malice by Rhys Dylan
Publisher: Wyrmwood Books
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Revenge is a dish best served… ice cold.

While beach combing on MOD property, two young boys stumble across a reeking mound of tangled kelp. But it isn’t the seaweed that stinks. It’s the decomposing corpse beneath it.

Called in to investigate, DCI Evan Warlow’s team are faced with finding out how and why the body of a struck-off doctor ended up on a lonely beach within sight of Laugharne’s famous Boathouse.

But this is no innocent victim. This is a man with more enemies than friends. A fact that muddies the waters no end as Warlow unearths more and more of the dead man’s sordid history. Not to mention a long line of suspects.

With a killer in their midst hell bent on achieving a deadly goal and determined to let nothing and no one stand in their way, the team need to be on their guard.

Unless they want to end up as victims, too.

Returned DCI Evan Warlow and his team are once again called in when the body of a disgraced ex-surgeon washes up on the shore and is found by two young boys. With no shortage of angry ex-clients and ex-colleagues the disbarred surgeon will not be missed by many. But Warlow still knows his duty and is determined to find the culprit.

I’ve been enjoying the slightly darker and grittier aspect to this series set in the Brecon Beacons in Wales. This addition is just as good as the previous two. While I don’t feel readers will need to read the other installments for fully enjoy this I would still highly recommend reading all the series. The plot and characters are very well captured and maintained within this story so I don’t feel readers might get a bit lost with the various histories and previous plotlines.

I was also very pleased that one dangling plotline around DCI Warlow was answered for the readers – a medical mystery that has been alluded to but not resolved in the previous books. I was pleased that it was one of the options I had guessed already to myself but it was nice to have that small thread resolved. There are also still a few more over-arching plots still running around that I expect will be continued in the next few books.

Readers who enjoy police procedural styles of stories – especially British, or in this case Welsh – should find this an enjoyable and well-paced mystery with interesting and varied characters and a strong, complicated plot that I personally found satisfying. I am eager for the next installment.

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