I Am Quiet – A Story for the Introvert in All Of Us by Andie Powers

I Am Quiet – A Story for the Introvert in All Of Us by Andie Powers
Publisher: Bala Kids
Genre: Children’s (0 – 6 y.o.), Contemporary
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Emile is not shy—he is quiet.

Emile may seem timid and shy on the outside, but on the inside he is bustling with imagination. While grownups and even other kids may see Emile as the shy kid who doesn’t raise his hand in class, we know that Emile is actually a high-seas adventurer, a daring explorer, and a friend to wild beasts.

This story honors and encourages the beauty of knowing ourselves for exactly who we are. Emile’s world shows us that the mind of a quiet child can be as rich, expansive, and bold as that of any other (more extroverted) child.

Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin.

One of the weaknesses of extroverted cultures like the United States is that they tend to overlook the many strengths of quiet, introverted people. This picture book was a beautiful correction of the notion that it’s not okay to be quiet or need time alone to recharge your social battery. Our world is filled with all sorts of people, and the diversity of personalities we have in it should be celebrated.

I loved the narrator’s positive and supportive tone. It worked just as well for kids as it would for teenagers or adults. Quiet people of all ages may sometimes need to be reminded that there is nothing wrong with them and that their gentle natures and rich inner lives are a gift. This is a wonderful place to find that support whenever the outside world once again insists that everyone should behave the same way.

Speaking of rich inner lives, I adored the scenes that explored the many gorgeous thoughts a person might have without ever sharing them. It matched my experience as a quiet person perfectly. Not everything needs to be shared in life. There is definitely something to be said for keeping certain imaginative thoughts to yourself and silently enjoying them.

How grownups speak to children matters. Kids don’t always understand things the same way adults do, and even when they do they can carry critical comments with them for years to come. This was an excellent reminder to speak kindly to everyone and not to label them based on assumptions about how much anyone should talk.

I Am Quiet – A Story for the Introvert in All Of Us was a breath of fresh air for anyone who has ever been pressured to be more talkative.

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