Howl by January Bain

Howl by January Bain
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Rating:4.5 Stars
Review by Dryas

Never get between a wolf and his mate…

Billionaire. Casino owner. Tall, dark and deadly. Cristaldo Luceres is a potent force and a dangerous wolf to cross. Head of the House of Luceres, he’s used to fighting—literally—off any threat from rival houses. Wealth and women are his, but the one thing missing from his life is his mate.

Cristaldo’s on full alert when trouble comes to town in the beautiful shape of one Miss Everly Affini. The talented musician won a shot to play at the coveted Nero’s in Cristaldo’s Glittering Palace… and she could be the one, Cristaldo’s Forever Mate.

One problem is that she doesn’t think so—and isn’t shy about telling him—and another is that Rocco, an enforcer for the House of Ribelle, the Luceres’ sworn enemies, thinks she’s destined for him. Oh, and it’s the most powerful Super Blood Wolf Moon of the century, meaning chaos is unleashed.

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A girl band gets a chance of a lifetime by winning a contest to play at one of the most prestigious casinos: The Glitter owned by the two Alpha werewolves Cristaldo Luceres and his twin brother Lucian. Cristaldo’s wolf is restless and bored, so when he is told that the band, The Sirens, had arrived and set up, he knew he needed a distraction.

Everly Affini and her two band mates: CleoAshton and LaylaBello are riding on a high after their rehearsal. When Cristaldo comes to check that everything is ready for them, Everly’s body reacts in a way that surprises her. She can feel the lust, dominance, and utter power radiating off of him and, instead of making her nervous, it turns her on like nothing else has.

The story, told in both Cristaldo’s and Everly’s points of view, is intense in a sexual way. This is also in a time for momentous occasions. The blood Moon which happens rarely, creates a time for werewolves which intensifies every emotion and action of their daily lives. Each wolf finds it hard to control their basic instincts and as Cristaldo is an Alpha werewolf of a strong pack it is worse than normal. Then you throw in the fact that he finds his true mate in Everly and his world is not only turned around it’s turned inside out. Poor Everly has no idea of what is going on with her as she notices that her hearing and body felt different. Then there is that extreme attraction between them. One look and they can’t keep their hands, or lips off each other.

Cristaldo is extremely dominant, loyal to a fault to his pack making sure they wanted for nothing. and would do anything to keep the world from finding out about werewolves. He is protective, possessive, and absolutely confused at her refusal to give into the pull of lust, and attraction toward him. He is not all badass, there is a sweetness buried deep inside and only Everly, and his brothers, see it.

Everly is a woman who knows what she wants, and her whole life is wrapped up in drumming for her band and trying to make it big. She is hoping to help her family in Canada financially. She doesn’t have a great track record with men and the last one she dated, she ended up having to get a restraining order on him. She is a strong woman and doesn’t allow Cristaldo to boss her around.

There are a few things that I had some trouble with. One is Cristaldo’s sexual drive and how he only thinks about getting her into his bed. There is not even a hint of romance. I thought she was a lot stronger character to keep from falling into his arms with only a token fight. I thought the main conflict in the story was resolved a little too easily.

This is an incredibly hot, story full of sex and secrets. The characters are fun and well developed with their own desires but were being pulled in two directions. Their instincts ruled their bodies and I wondered what they would be like as a couple without the Blood Moon controlling them. If you like hot possessive sexy werewolf men who will do anything to get and protect his mate, then would be a wonderful book for you.


  1. January Bain says

    Thanks so much for the lovely review! I so enjoyed writing the journey of Cristaldo & Everly. Yes, the blood moon was quite impactful to the story! I’ve set the second one, Hunt, in Italy and Alaska with three scholars, which makes for a totally different vibe! Right at the moment they are racing across the tundra by dog sled!!! Hugs, January

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