His Scarred Woman by Sam Crescent

His Scarred Woman by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Fern

Petra Hall doesn’t trust easily. An attack five years ago left her badly injured with scars all over her face and causing the removal of one eye. She has locked herself away from the world in a fortress. All she ever requires is a bodyguard. Drake Dome is sexy, hot, caring, and at times a little overbearing. It’s a shame she knows the truth about him.

Drake’s company is in trouble. Petra is a wealthy woman, who is more than capable of paying his debt. When he strike’s a deal with the woman’s father, he knows he’s made a mistake. He’s not the kind of man to try and trick a woman for money. After meeting Petra in person, he sees the pain, suffering, and loss she feels. She’s all alone in this world, and someone cruelly came and took any confidence she had and killed it. He will show her there are good people in the world that are worth taking a chance on.

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Is there any way for her to open her heart to this man? She’s already lost so much, there’s no way she can survive more pain.

Petra was a curvy, full-figured woman, but after losing an eye and the resultant scarring she’d closed herself off from almost everyone. Only Drake – her bodyguard – had appeared to see beneath the surface, but Petra is reluctant to trust him. Is Drake really what he seems?

I found this to be an interesting and emotional read. Drake in particular was a complicated character with mixed priorities. I was really impressed with how the author turned the usual “hidden motives and telling lies” plotline utterly onto it’s head. It made the entire story feel really fresh and different to me, despite the fact the set-up was rather clichéd. Really early on having the way I expected the plot to unfold was turned inside-out and I loved it. This change-up also really helped me relax and enjoy Petra and Drake learning about each other and slowly come together. I loved how they were both strong and loyal characters and I deeply believed they were well suited to each other. This really helped sell me on the realism of their romance and I was rooting from them as they came together.

There is a healthy amount of conflict in the story and I was pleased this came from Petra’s family and not Petra and Drake’s romance. I really enjoyed watching Petra grow in her self-confidence and how over time she grew to trust Drake. I also thought Drake was wonderfully patient, which really made him seem like hero material to my eyes. Readers who enjoy a slow-romance with heated, erotic sex scenes should find this story really fits the bill for them. With a few twists and turns to keep the plot fresh and interesting I found this a refreshing read and one that managed to surprise me in a good way at a few points along the way.

I found this to be a good and happy read. Recommended.

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