His Mistress by Arabella Sheen

His Mistress by Arabella Sheen
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Review by: Fern

Anna is horny, and when her best friend suggests they paint the town red, Anna goes along with the idea. Her seven-year-old son is away at a sleepover, and it could be her only chance to get laid.

Anna isn’t after a serious relationship or a romantic involvement with a guy. All she wants is a one-night stand and plenty of sex, and Dan Holland, a handsome stranger she meets at a bar, might be the solution to her problem.

Can Dan fulfill Anna’s physical needs or will he invade her emotional safe space and become entangled in her life?

Anna has one precious night in which to indulge in her very grown up fanasties and enjoy a quick fling. One night, no strings and definitely no morning breakfasts. Dan didn’t usually bring women home with him, he knew himself well enough to know he wasn’t the long-term commitment type. But something about Anna struck him and they each decided to take a chance on the other. Will their policy of strictly one night hold or could more flourish between them?

I found this to be a refreshingly modern and interesting short story. I really enjoyed how both Anna and Dan appeared to be fairly regular, relatable characters. Anna a single mother and Dan committed to his job. Yet each of them yearns for something a little more and when they seem to find it with each other I enjoyed watching them each carefully and gently stretching the other’s boundaries. While a small suspension of disbelief is needed in relation to the plot – what are the chances that Dan is the new headmaster at Anna’s son’s school? – everything else in the story felt realistic to me and clicked into place really well.

Readers who enjoy a slower bloom to their romance but still plenty of spice in the bedroom should find this short story really suits their tastes. I enjoyed how Dan and Anna connected so well right off the bat and had a lot of chemistry, but also how they each were prepared to be open to a little bit more when their world collided once again. With a slightly different – but certainly Happy For Now – style of ending I found this to be a quick and sexy story.

Fun and sexy this is an enjoyable short story that I really liked. I’ll definitely be open to reading more by this author.

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