Hero’s Quilt by Cooper McKenzie

Hero’s Quilt by Cooper McKenzie
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQ, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Injured in Afghanistan, Michael Alan Carlyle III ends up at Fort Hood, Texas where he receives a quilt with a letter tucked into a hidden pocket. Once discharged, he goes in search of Jordan Potter, the quiltmaker.

Jordan Potter’s shyness has grown so severe he lives with his grandmother and makes quilt art in his attic studio. When Mac arrives, Jordan finds himself intrigued and wanting to push beyond his self-imposed boundaries in order to become a man Mac might be able to love.

Will Mac return to Texas? Will Jordan be able to overcome his shyness to grow into a man Mac can be proud of? Will Mac be able to admit he feels more than friendly feelings toward Jordan?

Wounded vet Mac’s life had been turned upside down with the loss of his lower leg, but even with his newly broken body Mac knew he wouldn’t be returning to Chicago to work in his father’s company. While recovering in hospital Mac is gifted a hand-sewn quilt, one with a note from the creator, Jordan, offering Mac a meal and their personal thanks should Mac ever be nearby. Not knowing the new direction he wanted for his life, Mac decides to take Jordan up on his offer, an exchange which will change both men’s lives forever.

I really enjoyed this slower paced, steamy romance story. I found Mac and Jordan’s characters to be interesting and not overly cookie-cutter, which each loosely fit a stereotype (the wounded vet and the small-town country guy) I loved how the author made their characters deeper and more complex than simply what they first appeared to be. I also liked how Mac and Jordan initially began their friendship by writing to each other. I definitely thought this helped solidify a solid foundation for Mac and Jordan together and considering both their personal circumstances at the time this felt like an interesting and well suited way for them to both get closer and learn more about each other while they were each in their own difficult circumstance. It also lent the story an air of old-fashioned-ness which I personally really enjoyed.

Different but still absolutely modern, I thought the slower pace of the romance along with the exchange of letters through the first part of the story gave this book a refreshing outlook. Readers who enjoy modern but slightly different stories should really find this suits their tastes. While the romance blossomed slowly between Mac and Jordan I thought it was extremely emotional as both Mac and Jordan each overcame their own obstacles. Readers looking for a strongly sexual and explicit story probably won’t find this suits what they’re wanting – though there are a small number of intimate scenes towards the end.

This strongly emotional and slower paced story is a delightful read that I enjoyed. With very strong characters and a lot of emotional and vulnerability I feel this is a good story a wide range of readers should find satisfying.

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