Her Dangerous Crush by Megan Slayer

Her Dangerous Crush by Megan Slayer
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (123 pages)
Other: M/F, Spanking
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Danil Jordan never wanted a second chance at love. He had the woman he loved in his arms — until she left him for another man. He embraced the bitterness and displeasure with his brothers because they had the things he wanted — love and passion. Can he change his ways and have the love he deserves? Or will her past tear them apart?

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There’s a chance they can make the passion burn into something permanent. Will they take the chance or walk away before someone gets hurt?

It had been three years since Danil’s wife had separated from him, wanting something different. While Danil had still loved his wife and wanted to make things work, a year ago she and their two young girls had died in a car crash, removing any chance Danil had of putting his family back together. Maura enjoyed her job as a maid in the Jordan’s family home, despite the fact her half-brother had stolen Danil’s wife away before they’d died in the car crash. Maura knew it would never happen, but she yearned for Danil to really see her and want her even half as much as she ached for him.

I found this to be a steamy and slightly unusual love story. Danil’s mother is completely overbearing and determined to rule his life, mainly by selecting a new wife she approves of. Quite a bit of the story revolves around Danil and various friends who his mother tries to set him up with, all while Danil has a covert relationship with Maura. Personally, I didn’t find the situation very sexy. I could see where both Danil and Maura were coming from, but it didn’t feel naughty or taboo to me, but awkward and difficult.

It was a relief to me when Maura finally admitted who her family was to Danil and that final secret was aired out. I was also pleased that Danil was calm and listened to her explanations and didn’t simply hit the roof or over-react without understanding the entire situation. There was plenty of conflict in the story already – from Danil’s mother and the various other women – and so a mis-communication about secrets and history would have been a little too much for me. I feel readers who have already read some (or many) of the previous books in this series might have a better idea of the “big picture” and feel a lot more attachment to the characters – particularly Danil and Maura – and perhaps this story shouldn’t be picked up as a stand-alone and read by itself.

While I didn’t feel as invested in Danil and Maura as I could hope, they were clearly attracted to each other and had some good chemistry. I really enjoyed how Danil and Maura respected each other and were prepared to listen and respect each other while still enjoying a steamy and passionate affair.

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