Heart of the Storm by Gemma Snow

Heart of the Storm by Gemma Snow
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (210 pages)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, spanking, Anal Sex, mild BDSM, Menage
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Cade and Sawyer might be Hollie’s biggest risk yet…

Ten years ago, Hollie Callihan left her best friends Cade Easton and Sawyer Matthews in the middle of the night for fear of breaking their hearts—and broke her own instead. She’s spent her whole life chasing adventures on distant shores, but spring floods in the Black Reef Mountains force Hollie, Region VIII FEMA Response Director, to return to Wolf Creek, the town where she left her heart in two.

Cade and Sawyer are now Wolf Creek’s chief of police and fire captain, Hollie’s first line of defense in emergency response…making them unavoidable. Her former friends are all grown up now and totally at odds since she left.

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But facing genuine destruction and danger alongside Cade and Sawyer helps Hollie learn that vulnerability and trust aren’t dirty words. If she’s brave enough to let Cade and Sawyer in on what had her running all those years ago, Hollie might just find that taking the biggest risk of her life leads to its biggest adventure—three hearts beating as one.

A natural disaster that FEMA agent Hollie Callihan can fairly accurately predict leads to a reunion collision with her past that no one could predict.

It was unnatural to want two guys, right? That’s what a younger version of Hollie told herself nearly 10 years ago. The heart wants who the heart wants but she couldn’t see a way without hurting one of them so she chose to spread the love…err, uh heartache actually. Coming face to face with much more grown up and commanding versions of the boys she left, as well as some surprising new trouples (tri-couples) in town, has Hollie questioning her reasons to go and embracing her reasons to stay. I was sad right along with them, for the time they had lost, and I think the author did a good job of conveying that.

Cade and Sawyer aren’t what anyone in town would call friends or even frenemies. I actually thought that was an interesting twist from the author because in most scenarios like this, the guys are typically at least friends with the same goal. Not these two so, I looked forward to seeing exactly how they would work things out between themselves and still convince Hollie to give them (the three of them) a chance.

The story flows really well and the constant threat that looms over the town, the impending natural disaster, kept the tension ratcheted up for a good portion of the book. When it finally hits! Expectantly destructive and well described. I felt like I was battling Mother Nature right along side of them.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for some nagging grammatical errors, this book would be close to perfect. Not like every other sentence or even page but unfortunately noticeable to the observant.

Readers looking for a story where the guys or girl are constantly denying themselves of what they want shouldn’t read this book. If instead, they appreciate a lust/love temptation that can’t be denied, Cade/Hollie/and Sawyer’s reawakening is the way to go! It’s powerful and emotional and just a bit raw. And it made me want to go check out the three books that precede this one. That’s some good story telling in my book.

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