Hawke’s Claim by Winter Sloane

Hawke’s Claim by Winter Sloane
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Bonnie’s the daughter of the President of the Fallen Saints MC. She’s used to foul-mouthed bikers and their violent lifestyles. Bonnie’s always wanted Hawke for as long as she can remember. Hawke’s older, and her assigned protector. Too bad Hawke doesn’t see her as anything more than a job but Bonnie’s intent on showing Hawke that she’s old lady material.

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Bonnie was an MC princess, only child and daughter of the club prez. She might have been raised in the clubhouse and seen how the club whores acted around the other gang members, but Hawke had always been different. Her protector, her guardian. And now she was graduating high school – it was Hawke her dreams and desires were firmly entrenched upon. Can Bonnie convince Hawke she is finally all grown up and get his attention?

I found this to be a well written and hot story. I was pretty disappointed with the first third of the book. It largely centered around Bonnie going to prom with a scumbag teenage boy to make Hawke jealous. As the “off limits” daughter of the president and Hawke being her long-standing bodyguard and only confidant there was clearly chemistry between them that Hawke didn’t feel able to act upon. The fallout from Bonnie’s plan to make Hawke jealous was cliched to my mind and I really feel the problems between Hawke and Bonnie could have definitely been resolved in a different – and far less cliched – manner.

Once Hawke and Bonnie are on the same page though this story really lifted up to my mind. I really enjoyed the second two thirds of the story and am glad I persevered through Bonnie’s initial immature actions. Some of the club politics came into play and the whole storyline became not just interesting – but really fresh and well written. Hawke’s character was absolutely front and center – and I grew a lot more fond of him and sympathetic to him – as this part of the story wound along. I also really enjoyed Devil’s character – the Vice President and brother to Saint, the prez. I’d happily read more about Wizard – the club’s hacker genius. Wizard was a very brief secondary character but I was intrigued by what little was shown of him.

With plenty of steamy sex and some time for Hawke and Bonnie to rearrange the boundaries to their long-standing relationship this story has a lot going for it. While Bonnie is quite young this story is written with humour and some solid secondary characters and enough plot I feel most erotica readers should find it satisfying.

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