Getting to You by ML Uberti

Getting to You by ML Uberti
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Zac Xavier is called from a meeting to find his wife, a teacher, is in a lockdown situation at her school. Rushing across town, he remembers when they first met.

In fear for her life, Emma is determined to protect her students at all costs. But while danger lurks closer, she flashes back to meeting her beloved husband.

Zac won’t stop until Emma’s safe, and Emma will do what she has to in order to protect her students. Will their love affair meet a tragic end or will they get their happily ever after?

Zac and Emma are happily married and deeply in love. When Zac gets a call that Emma – a teacher – is in a lockdown situation at her school he rushes to meet her. Both Zac and Emma flash back to their first meeting, can they get to each other in time?

This is a really different but thoroughly enjoyable story. I was absolutely surprised that I enjoyed the heavily flash-back style of plotline but somehow the author really made it work for me. I feel this won’t be a number of readers cup of tea. For starters there is a school lockdown due to an active shooter emergency and that could definitely be a trigger for some readers. The tension overall and student’s fear – as well as Emma’s fear and strong desire to protect her students – is I feel very tastefully and well written but I could completely understand if it’s simply a bit much (or too close to reality) for some readers. So this definitely won’t be for everyone. Also I feel – like myself – many readers might shy away from a romance that is centered more on recollections of the past and how Emma and Zac came to be together, rather than focusing on their present or future plans. It’s an odd way of writing a romance story and while I was skeptical at first, I really found it to be quite enjoyable.

Readers who can look past the fact that much of the relationship-building – and intimacy – in this story is told in flash-backs and text conversations should find like I did that this is an intense and wonderful story of two people determined to stay with each other and live a long, happy life together despite the odds.

Finally, I was amused – and curious – about Zac’s relationship with his brothers and found their banter and communications a delight to read. I’d absolutely pick up more stories about this family and am intrigued enough to look further into this author.

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