Get Lit by Kim Fielding

Get Lit by Kim Fielding
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short story (33 pages)
Other: M/M
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Uri Kessler is a bit of a klutz. Recently divorced from a guy he married too quickly and yearning to have a holiday that feels special, he decides to make Hanukkah candles. The results are literally a blazing disaster. But Uri’s mishap helps him get to know Oscar Cortez, his sexy new neighbor, and the two men instantly hit it off. While Uri finds himself drawn to Oscar, he’s also afraid to make a mess of their budding relationship. It’ll take a small miracle to make things work between them.

Uri has had a crush on his neighbor, Oscar, since the man moved into their complex. Uri might be a klutz, but he is determined to do some home-made candle dipping to help his family celebrate Hanukkah, but when even that goes pear-shaped can Uri and Oscar make things right?
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Being a klutz myself (especially when it comes to anything fire-related) I found myself equal parts commiserating with Uri burning half his flat down and struggling not to laugh and laugh. A completely understandable (and for me, personally, relatable!) mishap with melting the wax for the candles on the stove and a rather out-of-date fire extinguisher had me actually pause my reading, go back and re-read this early scene all over again just to enjoy it immediately a second time. I can’t recall the last time I’ve done that and laughed so hard.

This is a really heart-warming story about two completely different men finding not just a lovely romance together, but opening their minds as well as hearts. Uri celebrates Hanukkah – not Christmas – and Oscar is feeling wistful and missing his family back in Mexico, so watching these two men build and explore some new holiday traditions together was delightful. I really enjoyed how the short length of the story meant we could see Uri and Oscar finally act on their long-standing attraction and I loved seeing how the two men meshed together so well. Despite their many differences they complimented each other really well to my mind, and there was certainly plenty of chemistry between them.

I was a bit surprised that twice Uri and Oscar agreed to take things slow and not make a fairly natural progression forward with the intensity of their relationship. Reading looking for something strongly erotic or explicit won’t find that here. While I would have enjoyed a bit more steam between the two men I can’t fault the author for making Uri and Oscar’s relationship believable and the purposeful intent of taking it slow to make a solid foundation for them to build a lasting relationship together was sweet and enjoyable to read.

Full of humour, fun antics and narrowly avoided disasters, this is a great and enjoyable read. With a really snappy title that I loved this is an excellent holiday story and an author I plan to keep an eye on.

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