Frontiersman by AD Grant

Frontiersman by AD Grant
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance, Action/Adventure
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Humanity has stretched out across the stars and formed a new Frontier. Normally, the brave men and women of the Wall Guard stay on Earth to protect humanity’s home, but when her lieutenant is abducted by alien raiders, Addi abandons her post and ventures into the Frontier. She enlists the help of her trainee and a young cartographer, but every expedition needs a guide and there is none better than the disavowed Frontiersman, Jackson August.

While they search for the missing lieutenant, Addi and her crew unknowingly interfere with the plans of the mysterious Cassian Fawkes.

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Taking risks are unavoidable on this mission.

This tale put a lot of effort into developing the alien society that the human characters interacted with. Mr. Grant had a vivid imagination, and this was definitely the spot where it shone brightest. I truly enjoyed reading his theories about what this species was like, from their physical appearance to how they responded to the main characters. There were surprises around every bend with them. Just when I thought I had them figured out, the author surprised me yet again with new facets of their personalities and culture.

I had trouble keeping all of the characters straight in this book. There were so many of them that I didn’t get to know most of them very well at all. Sometimes the plot didn’t give me many details about who they were or what they were like either which also added to my confusion. It would have been helpful to have more information about them so I could remember who everyone was.

The chemistry between the two characters who were part of the romantic subplot was perfect. No, I can’t tell you who they were. Those details were only gradually revealed later on in the storyline. What I can say is that I rooted for them to end up together as soon as I realized that the relationship between them was deeper than I originally thought it would be. There’s something wonderful about putting those pieces together, realizing just how well the characters would complement each other, and hoping that they’ll figure it out as well.

Frontiersman was an action-packed story that should be read by fans of romance and science fiction alike.

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